The native(!) Kontakt version of Malmsjö Acoustic Grand for PC is now shipping. The Kontakt version (2.0) includes six patches:

1. Malmsjö Acoustic Grand - the original (ppp, p, mf f)
2. Malmsjö Acoustic Grand X - an extra ff velocity layer (EQ\'ed samples) has been added.
3. Malmsjö Mozart Grand - Same as above, but with the emphasis of the response shifted towards the mf-layer.
4. Malmsjö Rock Grand - the EQ\'d samples are used in the f-layer to give a \"harder sound\".
5. Malmsjö Midnight Grand - for that inspired song-writing after midnight when you mustn\'t wake anybody up.
6. Malmsjö Dream Grand - the piano in micro cosmos - only the softest layers.

The Mac version will ship as soon as I have sorted out the file compression issues for that platform.

Hans Adamson
Art Vista Productions