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Topic: Dynamics in VSL?!????

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    Dynamics in VSL?!????


    I just got the VSL-Library and well, I am kind of confused... How can I control the loudness of an instrument (like SI-Strings) using the mod-wheel...????

    I hope it doesn\'t sound tooo silly...

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: Dynamics in VSL?!????

    there are dynamic \"layer\" instruments. Check the \"long notes\" gig files. They usually have a few variations of dynamic layers.

    These use the modwheel to Xfade between dynamics.

    BTW I actually find I dont use these as much as I do on other libs. I use the crec/dim samples alot more. As well as the legato stuff. Its a weird library thats breaking some of the habits I\'ve built up.

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    Re: Dynamics in VSL?!????

    Actually how you add this controller function to a gig?


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    Re: Dynamics in VSL?!????

    Ed, you need to record the samples that way. So you record for instance p, mp, mf and f samples of strings and then do an x-fade between the layers in GS. THere is an x-fade editor in GSEdit for this purpose.

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    Re: Dynamics in VSL?!????

    check out Dave Govett\'s Tutorial CD, he goes into detail about how to do this I believe.

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