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Topic: Probs w/ logic 3.5 and GS

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    Probs w/ logic 3.5 and GS

    I have gs and logic 3.5 and am experiencing some
    wierd problems (only recording midi):
    1. GS freezes alot (60-70% of my sessions)
    2. i can\'t unlink ports 1 and 2, they just stay linked.
    3. maybe related to #2 but when i playback some samples will jump from port 1 to port 2
    4. a new one today was that channel 3 wouldn\'t produce any sound.
    Anyone know what i\'m talking about?
    Basically it\'s like every time i open up my system i have no idea what\'s going to happen. Is this an incompatibility issue? what sequencer works?

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    Re: Probs w/ logic 3.5 and GS

    I don\'t have any problems with freezing myself, but here\'s a URL to go to for sorting out the MIDI problems. It\'s http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum2/HTML/000529.html . I\'ve done this workaround and it works great. Nemesys is due to be releasing a patch that sorts out this problem with MIDI and Logic, but until then this workaround will definitely fix it.

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    Re: Probs w/ logic 3.5 and GS

    Maybe you should consider upgrading to version 4. I did have some problems with LAG 4.2 (mainly with midi recording - solved with Hubi workaround). Just downloaded version 4.5 and everything works fine (without Hubi and without the GSt 2.01 update patch).

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