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Topic: Mockup King

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    Mockup King

    I\'m not suggesting I\'m the mockup king, it\'s just a play on words.

    Here\'s a link to a mockup of \"In the Hall of the Mountain King\" that someone asked about on the GOS forum.

    It uses GOS, DDBE, LOP, Ultimate Timp, and some custom winds.

    In the Hall of the Mountain King

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    Re: Mockup King

    I love hearing existing compositions done in Giga and done well, which this is,) it really shows thed power of the products involved (and the skill of the synthesist.) A couple of minor points, though...

    Sounds really great up to 1:34, the breakdown to the small section there sounds somewhat synth-y. Also the Hall needs less hall, the reverb sounds muddy to my ear, swo the overall sound is a tad dark. But overall, very nicely done. I wouldn\'t question it up till that point at 1:34, and I think that can be resolved by making the parts just a tiny bit looser in timing and dynamics, I get a \'midi organ\' effect there (but nowhere else.)

    Actually I thought you were challenging Ashif...


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    Re: Mockup King

    I think it actually sounds more \"synthy\" at 1:37. To my ears it\'s a result of the very high strings being so exposed. These types of samples aren\'t usually the strongest in a library.

    I think what may be adding to the mudiness is the concert bass drum. I added a little bit of NFX verb to give it some more depth, but once it starts playing it never stops so it tends to crowd everything with those booming downbeats. The only reason I think that\'s the culprit is because I used a farely bright reverb on everthing else.

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    Re: Mockup King

    Wow, I think it really sounds good overall. Nice example of those librairies used efficiently. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Mockup King

    Very nice.

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Mockup King

    Funny, I think the custom woodwinds sound better than any of the other libraries you used [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Good job!


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    Re: Mockup King

    hehee challenge accepted!!


    nice job Timzy

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    Re: Mockup King

    Thanks for the compliment on the winds. I\'m actually working out a deal to make them available in the coming months along with some other free stuff.

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