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Topic: CD-Xtract

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    Just got an email from the guy who does CD-Xtract, with an update. It now supports Gigasampler... I\'ll try it when I get home and let you know.

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    Re: CD-Xtract

    Any word on how the new version of CDxtract converts from other formats to GigaStudio format? This would really be helpful if it works properly.

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    Re: CD-Xtract

    Hi mdfmuse,

    Currently, the new version 3.3 of CDxtract can output to version 1 .GIG files as used by GigaSampler (rather than the version 2 .GIG files as used by GigaStudio). However, assuming I read (and understood) correctly, version 1 .GIG files can be converted to version 2 using the Gigastudio menu item \"Convert Instruments To Gig 2.0\".

    I have found CDxtract to be an excellent utility for cataloging my many thousands of Akai format samples, and have received very good support from the people at the company that produce it (i.e. Amazing Sound).


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