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Topic: Last piece using soundfonts (isn't that a shame?)

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    Last piece using soundfonts (isn\'t that a shame?)


    I\'ve been reluctant to post this for a long time, but what hell. There are people on this forum that have heard it...and guys, you can slap me for this. I did this a year ago, and is supposed to be an arrangement from FFX, but is more like an influence. The powerchord guitar is even a soundfont (not SI\'s Les Paul). I did however, have a live lead guitar, and extracted a single chorus line for vocals, but that\'s it. I applied those after the sequencing was done. Anyways, I\'m here to glorify the semi-quality of soundfonts, and to let all those massive orchestral giga libraries know......make room for the little guy. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Comments welcome.


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    Re: Last piece using soundfonts (isn\'t that a shame?)

    Hello Hudson,
    very nice dark tune. i feel the blended emotions of sorrow, pain and hope in this track...just one thing that didnt fit well in this track is that snare(to me it sounds very very thin) this track took me thru various mood swings...keep the good tunes flowing. and i love it when somebody uses the minimum setup to create the good tunes. btw, which sequencer do you use?

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    Re: Last piece using soundfonts (isn\'t that a shame?)


    I\'m an oddball and use Powertracks Pro Audio, even for Gigastudio. I\'m sure if I want to expand on multiple machines, I\'m going to have to upgrade to something like Sonar 2.0 XL or something, to support the massive amount of midi channels and options.


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    Re: Last piece using soundfonts (isn\'t that a shame?)

    Very Nice Work too..
    I Can see, that in spite off your Trak doesn´t have \"Real\" sound, Good libraries; you writing, is quite Good; and that is what it counts \"To me\",


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