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Topic: SConvert Refresh

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    SConvert Refresh

    Having problems using SCoverter. While running Gigastudio, I stick Akai formated CD in drive, but it never reads it (I hear CD Rom spinning though) I double click on the drive, nothing (except for the default message you get in right pane).

    Exit out of GS, insert CD, restart GS. Reads it just fine. However, if I eject CD, and put new CD in drive, it seems to read the sounds ok, but the partitions and Banks read the same as the first disk.

    Note, I have my cd-roms Autonotify turned off... Could this be the problem? I\'m at work so I can;t try this yet... I\'ll try when I get home

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    Re: SConvert Refresh

    I found that I have to leave the CD ROM \"autodetect\" or \"autonotify\" or whatever it\'s called on in order for Gigastudio to read the CD\'s.

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