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Topic: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

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    ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

    I have a giga version that I converted using Logic audios 5.5 Exs24. The piano has a ring on G# that I can\'t seem to remove. Any ideas?


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    Re: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

    My Estonia and Steinway D Grandioso giga format samples have notes that are ringers and some that are clunkers. I e-mailed Michiel Post regarding this issue and he e-mailed back saying he would look into it. This was about a week or so ago. I also have a few notes that are noticeably louder than the others. Hey, I have several hundred $$$$ in these and other samples that in my opinion are not quality enough for serious recording. I think one day soon, I hope, the technology available for sampling will produce a sampled piano that is worth the price you paid.


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    Re: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

    Hi Jim,

    Although I don\'t have Grandioso Bosendorfer, the Bardstown Bosendorfer also has an after ring - some notes more than others. My understanding is that\'s what a real bosendorfer does. I can certainly understand though, if it\'s obvious on only one note and not the others, real or not, it\'s bound to be annoying and hope you find a way around it.

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    Re: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

    Hi Jim,

    It would help if you could tell me a little bit more which note we\'re talking about. There are more than 250 samples used for G# in the PMI Bosendorfer 290 library so it would be helpful if you could tell me a little more:
    - which sample set (DRY or WET)
    - which octave
    - with or without sustain pedal
    - at which velocity

    You are most likely talking about the G#1 in the WET sample set (Sustain pedal down and loudest velocity layers), which is the natural sound of the low G#1 note. It\'s a single string that has a strong overtone in the 5th octave (and that can be easily removed using a steep resonance filter if you want).

    Hi Bill,
    Regarding the ESTONIA; this is a rather different story. This piano was not such a glorious grand piano as the Bosendorfer 290 which reflects in it\'s modest price tag ($95). Some adjacent notes sound rather different and this is not so easy to correct, it\'s the nature of this piano and this recording of it.

    Although this can be disturbing it goes too far in my opinion to qualify these as \"not quality enough for serious recording\". I believe the excellent results that many users have shown in this forum clearly prove the opposite.

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    Re: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

    Thanks for the reply Michiel.

    I am having trouble recording a really great piano sample.

    Please understand I think it is my problem not the samples.

    I think the ringing is a about G# 4. It sounds like a constant overtone. I was using the 16 layer wet. Should I be using this one?

    The exs24 allows me to use mono or stereo, which do you suggest for your samples?

    My setup
    PC 2.4 512 ram
    Logic audio 5.5 Exs24
    Delta 1010
    Alesis monitors

    Thanks again I really appreciate it!


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    Re: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

    Hi Jim,
    Stereo, stereo, stereo. The PMI Bos290 is using up a serious amount of ambience, even in the dry version. If you convert to mono you\'ll lose thas information and get serious problems with phase cancellation and -potentially- sudden frequency boosts due to the conversion form stereo to mono. I think the constant overtone on the G#4 is caused by going to mono, causing certain frequencies to \"add up\". It could be caused by something in the recording set-up, like the piano lid which is in a specific angle so that when the signal is converted to mono you get a sudden bumb in the frequency spectrum.
    If you reaaly need a mono piano, it\'s even better to take the stereo sample and leave out one of the channels. This way you will not mix channels and create cancellation problems.

    Did you load our EXS patches? If not go to
    PMI Support section and select the Bos290 EXS.zip file. These are programs that will work better than the out-of-the-box EXS conversions.

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    Re: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

    Does this mean that if you use this piano sample for a TV underscore and someone has a mono TV your mix will sound completely different?

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    Re: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

    if you don\'t compensate for making your mix compatible for mono use any mix will sound absolutely different, not just piano.
    Phase cancellation...

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    Re: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290

    Thanks again, you\'ve been very helpful!


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    Re: ringing problem with Grandioso Bosendorfer 290


    what I mean is that if I were going to record a solo piano for any project I don\'t believe the samples I have purchased thus far measure up to my expectations. I am sure there are many folks who like playing the samples available today, and yes they are better than ever before, however, honestly, in my opinion they are not the quality I am looking for. We all appreciate the work you are doing and wish you continued success. I\'m just saying that I personally haven\'t played a sampled piano that I am totally in love with. I will also admit I am no midi guru either.


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