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Topic: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

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    TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!


    Finally, the long awaited Gigastudio 3.0 has arrived, boasting 24-bit playback and multiple keyswitching layers. Careful thought through the years was added to Gigastudio 3.0 and has given it an artificial intelligence! Don\'t want to write music today? Have Gigastudio 3.0 do it for you! Did you get in a fight with your lover? Talk to Gigastudio 3.0 about your problems... it will help you work them out. Do you have a cold? Strep throat? Strange legions? Have Gigastudio 3.0 heal them with it\'s incredible \"GigaHeal\" NFX plugin! Unfortunately the hard workers at TASCAM couldn\'t work out the Conexant error with this new release, so when Gigastudio 3.0 crashes, it will apologize profusely and offer you a cup of coffee and/or a soda. And perhaps some Cheetos if it crashes when you were doing something REALLY important.

    On top of running Gigastudio 2.5 GIG files, it will be able to load anything in native 3.0 format, as well as anything for Halion, EXS, and even VST plugins! You can even load WAVE files of your favorite recordings in it, and it will separate the instruments using it\'s AI and build you entire sample libraries that sound EXACTLY like your favorite instruments of choice with every possible dynamic and variation. In fact, it can even create new, interesting instruments for you for those strange projects that you decide you want to be quirky with!

    Yes, Gigastudio 3.0 is an amazing piece of software. It can run every sample on the earth, end long-winded family feuds, babysit your children, cheer you up when you are down, and it will even remember your anniversaries and schedule appointments. Is a director not thinking about hiring you to score their film? Have Gigastudio 3.0 talk them into it!

    TASCAM Gigastudio will be coming out January 2004 and will require 54 top-of-the-line PC\'s to run, 83474359347GB of hard disk space, and a 100GHz processor. It will run for the low price of $1000 and be able to bargain itself it\'s own discount.

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    Re: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

    I heard you can use the \"Brain Recorder Pro USB 2.0\" from Sony ... is it true ?

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    Re: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

    what a silly post

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    Re: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

    Hope it will come with some sence of humor pre-installed as well......you need some..


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    Re: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

    I believe that the sense of humor is a VST plug-in.

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    Re: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

    I`m in! Where do i send my Credit card info.? Gigatree, rich

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    Re: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

    Just what we needed.... another Giga-Joke. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img] ................. Gary

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    Re: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

    Originally posted by Gary M. Thomas:
    Just what we needed.... another Giga-Joke. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img] ................. Gary
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">but it\'s a FUNNY giga-joke. Hey maybe that could be a feature too. Need a break from working? Enter Giga-Joke mode for cutting edge standup! Lighten up.

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    Re: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

    What a waste of internet bandwidth... jeesh..

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    Re: TASCAM Gigastudio 3.0!

    You mean all the posts with people getting huffy over someone making a little joke? Yeah, they are a waste of bandwidth. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Seriously, though... there are a lot of creative people here with a little eccentricity bouncing around in their heads. Even if someone thinks it\'s a bad joke, it\'s better than 100% serious flame wars over software preferences.

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