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Topic: Ongoing problem with Gigastudio 160 and Cakewalk 9.03

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    Ongoing problem with Gigastudio 160 and Cakewalk 9.03

    I am still encountering a problem with Gigastudio 160 and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.03. When I launch Cakewalk from within Gigastudio I am unable to get any audio ports available for Cakewalk from my sound card.( I can get midi ports just fine.) The ports show up in the Options/Audio/Drivers menu, but they are not available from the individual port assignments from within the track editor; therefore, I am unable to play any digital audio via Cakewalk. If I launch Cakewalk outside of Gigastudio 160 they show up fine, and I am able to play digital audio via Cakewalk. Unfortunately, at that point, I am unable to play any gigs via Gigatudio 160 when I launch it. Midi sounds and gigs work fine between the two programs. I have an Echo Gina sound card with the latest drivers. I also made sure the \"multiclient\" feature IS enabled on the sound card. Has anyone found a work around for this? Is anyone experiencing this problem. I have tried to contact Nemesys... what a suprise.. NO RESPONSE. I would appreciate any help from my fellow musicians.

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    Re: Ongoing problem with Gigastudio 160 and Cakewalk 9.03

    The apps can\'t use the same ports.
    So, in Cakewalk, go to Tools/Audio/Drivers, and choose some outputs.

    Then, in Giga, choose the outputs that Cake isn\'t using.

    With Gigasampler, sometimes it would work for me, and sometimes it wouldn\'t. So, instead of wasting any more precious time wondering why, I just added a SBLive and dedicated it to Giga.

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    Re: Ongoing problem with Gigastudio 160 and Cakewalk 9.03

    Yeah I just went through the same problem . Like Mitch said you can\'t let both aps use the same outputs[although soundblaster live Does have the ability to let more than one aplication use the same two outputs]My darla 24 has outputs 3and 4 for Giga Studio and outputs 1 and 2 for Cakewalk. Also make sure no other outputs are highlighted under audio options/audio driver in Cakewalk besides outputs 1 and 2.

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    Re: Ongoing problem with Gigastudio 160 and Cakewalk 9.03

    I also believe that this problem could be resolved with the addition of an internal input that would allow Gigasampler seamless compatibility with sequencer/sampling programs like Cakewalk and Cubase. The solution to that software problem would cut into the profit of these companies who would have to share profits and make liscensing agreements. Bah! Humbug. I guess it\'s better to use sound cards with multiple outputs. I added an inexpensive Ensonique to
    drive the sounds of the Gigasampler, and erase the problem of exhausting the availability of the original sound cards Audio Ports assigned to my Master Tracks Audio Pro sequencer. But I still get sync Problems. Now I need some help!

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