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Topic: Free download Open Diapason 8'

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    Free download Open Diapason 8\'

    I\'ve just uploaded a free download to my site. It\'s about 10Mb and only has 10 sampled notes instead of the normal 61/32. Anyway, it\'s free and there will be more.



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    Re: Free download Open Diapason 8\'

    Hi Silver

    Is there a fault at your end or mine?

    I tried to download it and just got unintelligble



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    Re: Free download Open Diapason 8\'

    Hi Ty,

    I think it must be at your end. I\'ve tried downloading the file (under \"open file\" rather than \"save\" and it automatically loads the GS editor on completion where it plays fine after pressing the load button. A mate with GS has done the same with no problems also.


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    Re: Free download Open Diapason 8\'

    Very nice giga patch. You\'ve captured the sound perfectly. It\'s also nice to hear an \"English\" type diapason with that lovely intimate sound.

    Thank you,


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