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Topic: Atmosphere - your experience thus far!

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    Atmosphere - your experience thus far!


    What is your experience with Atmosphere so far. Does it cover a wide spectum of sounds?

    Moreso, if any of you have experience with the Korg Wavestation SR and Atmsophere, which one of these two would you recommend for evolving pads, Arpeggiation, Etheral/Ambience type quality for New Age type music? I am thinking of Mike oldfield, David Arkenstone/Enya etc.

    I saw a wavestation that I am interested in getting, but does Atmopshere cover what the wavestation does as far as the sounds?

    In your experience which of these two would suite my new age/ambient needs?



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    Re: Atmosphere - your experience thus far!

    Hi Dave, I don\'t actually have Atmosphere yet, I will be getting it next week in fact. I did hear though, that it was made from a combination of 17 hardware synthesizers. The comments I have heard from some that do have it is that you will pretty much not need another synth.

    I believe it will be right up your alley for \"evolving pads, Arpeggiation, Etheral/Ambience type quality for New Age type music\"

    Actually, I just checked out the Spectrasonics site and it is well over 17 synths!!

    You can see the gear list here; http://www.spectrasonics.net/instruments/atmos_gear.html

    Don\'t forget also, it has a 3gig core librabry but you have the ability to tweak the sounds yourself. I was almost going to buy a second hand JV-1080 and when I saw Atmosphere I thought, why bother?

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Atmosphere - your experience thus far!


    You guys are on a roll! I do appreciate all the comments, and have found you to be more informative on issues I did not even think of.

    Sharmy, if you can that would be great. If not I will survive.

    After your experience and recommendations, I feel confident that this product will cater for my sound palette, and more.

    I would be using Cakewalk Sonar with FXpansion, but do not know how well these two combos have worked thus far.

    Any issues with this config?

    Sharmy and Ed you both have commented on Keyboard Controllers especially the Yamaha S80 and S90. Could you email me info@soundsonics.net

    I have some questions.



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    Re: Atmosphere - your experience thus far!

    \"I am in the process of dedicating a PC just to Atmosphere.\"

    SHI! This is NOT the kind of comments I wanted to hear. I was hoping to run Atmosphere, some other instruments and possibly even Hardcore Bass from 1 machine. Are we now going to have to buy a pc for every instrument that comes out? At this point what\'s the advantage between this and dedicated hardware synths????

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    Re: Atmosphere - your experience thus far!

    Thanks guys

    Sharmy could you give me a link or mp3 illustration using Atmosphere in the new age genre you helped with?

    Also anyone who has used or is using a Korg Wavestation, and that has Atmosphere to comment on their experiences. I am so close to getting an old Wavestation, but do not know how it wieghs with Atmosphere.

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    Re: Atmosphere - your experience thus far!

    I have stated previously that I sold my wavestation, Triton studio, and Motif after atmosphere replaced them.
    My meat and potatoes sounds are in giga and kontakt now.
    For all paddy, etherial, amdient stuff its all atmosphere or atmophere layered with kontakt samples.

    Sharmy nailed the only incomplete issues with it already. I would just add that fact that you can\'t edit the wave sequence on the evolving stuff.
    Thats the only thing I miss about the wavestation. Not that it was ever easy to program the sequence!

    Plus, the dual layer sounds, which ofcourse are the ones I really like, do eat some cpu cycles.
    I am in the process of dedicating a PC just to Atmosphere.
    I figure it to cost $1300 including drives and card. Add the cost of atmoshere and I think its the best synth I every bought.

    I was very dissapointed trying to run it inside DP with other synths. My 667 could not hang.
    Since then I put it on my newest PC and I love it.

    My 5080 may be heading for ebay soon.

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    Re: Atmosphere - your experience thus far!

    hi Dave,
    I used to have a Wavestation and now I have Atmosphere. In Atmosphere you will get the palette you get with Wavestation, plus a lot more. In addition you get the convenience of integration with your sequencer, sounds saved with your song, effortless recall, etc.

    Arpeggiation is really a non issue, you should be able to do that with your sequencer. I use arpeggiators with Logic and Atmosphere all the time. Syncing LFOs to your sequencer will be available, you could contact Ilio or Spectrasonics if you want an idea as to when that update is likely to happen.

    On my Mac 867 single processor, I can get 15-16 instances going quite happily with judicious control of the polyphony setting. So unlike Ed, I am very happy with how it works as a VST.

    Take care,

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    Re: Atmosphere - your experience thus far!

    Atmosphere is great... on my P4 I can play plenty of notes and still have lot\'s of CPU left for other things. In fact, it\'s much more than my old hardware pad-machine (Korg 01RW) would have been able to do...

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