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Topic: GS + Cakewalk capture sync - any new answers?

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    GS + Cakewalk capture sync - any new answers?

    A quick search of the archives reveals that many others have experienced the problem of the GS 1.6 capture not being triggered by Cakewalk midi sync, no matter what options are selected in Cakewalk. This is my situation. Audio capture works fine without the midi sync, but that\'s more or less useless to me as I need tight sync with other midi and audio tracks. Any new solutions to this? Is anybody using this feature successfully with Cakewalk?


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    Re: GS + Cakewalk capture sync - any new answers?

    I\'m not sure to solve the synchronization isues, just see this as follows, might be an idea...

    Good lucks,

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    Re: GS + Cakewalk capture sync - any new answers?

    I had the same problem with Cakewalk and Gigastudio 160. In Cakewalk, under Options->MIDI devices, make sure the Gigasampler is the only one selected in the output ports (thus, if you use other MIDI outs, you\'ll have to disable them in this window, and reenable them after the capture). In Options->Project, go to the MIDI out tab, and select both Transmit MIDI start/continue/stop/clock, and Use Start, Never Continue. When you hit play in Cakewalk, Gigasampler should start capturing in sync.

    Good luck!

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    Re: GS + Cakewalk capture sync - any new answers?

    actually, you don\'t have to select only giga under midi devices. my situation looks like this under Cakewalk Options/Midi Devices

    A: SB live midi synth
    B: SB live midi synth
    creative S/W
    Nemesys midiout port 1
    Nemesys midiout port 2
    Nemesys midiout port 3
    Nemesys midiout port 4

    I go to Cakewalk Options/Project/ Midi Out tab
    and I check
    Transmit midi start...and Use Start Never continue
    but I also have to put my midi output as \'4\'
    you can see above I have seven midi outs and Nemesys Port 1 is #4. That\'s the port i\'m using
    so MIdi Output Port box has to be set to 4

    No need to deselect your other midi modules.
    The sync capture should work fine now.

    hope this helps

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    Re: GS + Cakewalk capture sync - any new answers?

    Dear R& S Hanlon

    I was impressed with your knowledege on uding Gigastudio/Gigasampler with Cakewalk.

    I need your advice and I havent been able to resolve my problem for over a month. I could not find many
    Users who use Gigastudio with Cakewalk. So I am very glad to meet you. I think we should keep each others E-mails to share Ideas.

    Before I discuss my concern I wish to tell you my set up and what I am trying to accomplish.
    I have Cakewalk Pro Audio v9.03
    Soundcard is Aardvark 24/96 with 6 drivers.(built in Mixer)also use for midi(built in Interface)
    Gigastudio 96 v2.01
    Roland XP 30 Keyboard.
    Alesis Active Monitor Speakers
    Pentium 3- 450 MHZ-128ram
    I have an outbox that came with my Aardvark sound card and the box contains 4 microphone ins and at the back of the box I have the outs which my speakers are connected to.

    I took the output directly from my keyboard and routed it into the input 3left and 4right in my soundcard to be able to record the Midi to Audio.
    What I am trying to do:

    1.)Record from Midi to Wave(I have tried to record my midi to wave, first I recorded a midi track in Cakewalk. Then I armed a new track and set it up to record audio. When I hit record the Midi was playing
    through my channel 1(Piano) through my external Midi Keyboard. After the recording I indeed can see the Waveform, therefore it worked.

    I have my Gigastudio set up so that it uses my Aardvark Soundcard Driver 1 and 2 Audio in/out in Gigastudio.
    I have Cakewalk set up to use driver 3 and 4 for recording and playback.

    I have tried two ways to transfer Midi to wave.
    Method:1 I can open Cakewalk from within Gigastudio and then load a sound in Gigastudio. I then took my completed Midi file and used the Capture to Wave in Gigastudio, it asked me for the folder and I selected it and it started recording. After recording I went into Cakewalk and Imported the Audio file. When I opened the file I was not pleased. There was no display of any waveform, Instead I got 2 parallell lines (flat lines) and I got no Audio.

    Method 2: I tried to record from within Cakewalk not using the Capture to Wave in Gigastudio. I set the Midi track and set up a new track to record the Audio with Drivers 3 and 4 as my recording and playback master. I did exactly as the first time recording with my External Keyboard instead using the sounds coming out of Nemesys Gigastudio Port 1. After I recorded the Midi Track to the new Audio Track the same thing appeared. Noa Audio or any sign of Waveforms,but when I go back and select my external keyboard sounds and not use Gigastudio sounds at all I can see the new Audio track has visible Waveforms in the clips pane and can hear the new Audio track using the sounds from My external Roland Keyboard.

    Question:Why am I showing these Parallell lines in my clips pane , not hearing anything at all.using Gigastudio??

    Please help


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