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Topic: Gigastudio Midi controllers

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    Gigastudio Midi controllers


    I am using the big mixing kit on Clearmountain drums II and find that if I change assignments of midi controllers and then save the performance, on a reload of the performance the assignments have been lost. The labels are still there, but I have several MOD wheels back where ambience and kick beaters should be.

    I am running GS V2.01 so I hoped the patch would fix this but doesn\'t for me.

    Am I doing something wrong here???


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    Re: Gigastudio Midi controllers

    Well, the same problem here.
    I find this setup saves and loads really weirdly. For instance if you change your instruments in any way and than you want to go back to the original and press Open, nothing happens. You have to press New first and than you can Load your setup. Or if I want to save some changes into a preset it is not enough to hit Save, I have to select Save as and than select the file which is currently loaded.
    Or, sometimes I load a preset and the GSt decides there should be some more instruments placed on empty ports....
    And do not ask what happens if preset is loaded and than I start Cubase. Well, scrambled eggs out of my instruments...
    What I also do not understand is why the GSt doesn\'t remember how the windows were set (i.e their width) and whether the main window was minimised, small or maximised. It always goes into the same configuration on start up so I have to resize everything every time.


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