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Topic: AKAI versus Giga

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    AKAI versus Giga

    Hello folks,

    Got a few questions. I\'m totaly new to Gigasampler/studio, so I hope you can help me.

    1. Is there a difference in soundquality between the AKAI and Giga versions of Advanced Orchestra? Are the Gigasamples basically the same, and is the only difference that you can control the playing style using \"controler keys\" (or what are they called?) with the Giga version? Or are there any other big differences?

    2. I\'d like to buy a not too expensive, good orchestral sample library. Is Advanced Orchestra a good choice? Or are there better alternatives nowadays?

    3. Is it possible to convert Giga samples intro WAV or AKAI?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: AKAI versus Giga

    Originally posted by apeir0n:
    I\'d like to buy a not too expensive, good orchestral sample library. Is Advanced Orchestra a good choice? Or are there better alternatives nowadays?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I can\'t really speak to your other points since I have no experience with AO Akai but as far as Giga, well, there\'s definitely better stuff out there. But unless I\'m forgetting something, I\'d say you\'d be hard-pressed to find something as complete as AO for the new low price that they\'re selling it for now. I\'d say it\'s a pretty clear-cut case of you-get-what-you-pay-for. But if you\'re looking for some of everything for under $700, it\'s a good place to start.

    You could try putting together different libraries for the same price - maybe starting with GOS Lite, SAM horns & bones (some of the best price/content libs available IMO) - but assuming you were trying to stay at the same price point as AO, you\'d only have about $250 or so left for, well, everything else - but you\'d have strings, horns and trombones that\'ll blow away what you\'ll get in AO.

    So maybe that helps a little ?

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    Re: AKAI versus Giga

    1) The base samples are the same, but a tremendous amount of work went into producing the Giga version. You won’t know how much unless you buy the Akai and convert and program it your self. But… you’ll learn a LOT in the process. You’ll also be able to buy the library a disk at a time, which you unfortunately can’t do with the Giga version. You might want to get Dave G’s “GigaStudio Mastery” tutorial.

    2) It’s easy to find fault with an older library like AO, but it does have a lot to offer, and has the widest range of articulations of anything out there for woodwinds. I think it’s a good and definitely cost effective place to start.

    3) A Giga instrument is made up of wavs, which can be exported. Other softsamplers like Halion or Kontakt can import Giga libraries. There’s no point in exporting to Akai, as a hardware sampler wouldn’t have the memory to load most instruments.

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    Re: AKAI versus Giga

    Thanks for the helpful replies!

    I think I\'ll go for the AO library. I\'m just getting started with Gigastudio, and don\'t want to spend a lot money into it right now.

    Maybe I\'ll buy a better strings library later, since I\'ve heard that AO\'s stringlibrary is the weakest (but otherwise fine for beginners) of the complete AO set.

    Is there a big difference in GOS Lite and the complete GOS library (besides price)? I hope Lite doesn\'t mean \"mono\" or \"sampled in 20khz\" or something, but rather \"less types of articulations\".

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