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Topic: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

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    v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    NemeSys would like to make available the v2.01 patch to the Giga community. This patch is NOT officially released, and we will be updating it in the next couple of days. An official notice will be sent out when it is released. However, if you would like to try this beta version of the patch, please go to the following link:

    A couple of things to remember:

    1. You must be registered for 24 hours to get this or any other patch update.
    2. If you have a problem and speak to anyone on technical support, please tell them that you are using the v2.01 patch update.
    3. Please remember to get the official patch update when it is released.

    Here is the current list of the improvements made in this patch. This most recent list can be found in the release notes.

    1. The following graphics card caused the application to either GPF or
    become unstable:
    STB 4400
    Diamond viper 550
    Intel i740
    NOTE: There may be other cards with the same problems. These are the only
    ones we have identified.

    2. The Editor bugs have been fixed:
    a. Not all Sound font files were properly converted.
    b. A VC++ Runtime error would occur whenever the editor was up
    and the user tried to edit a new instrument from within GSt.
    c. The editor would always use Port 1 channel 1 for editing.
    d. Dragging a file on the opened editor would not work.
    e. Envelop drawing in the velocity split windows show incorrect Decay 1.
    f. Editing sub-instruments from a .gig file while loaded in the Studio
    has been fixed.
    g. Dragging samples from one folder to another folder in the \'wave\' windows
    has been fixed.
    h. SF2 files with more than 128 instruments are now handled.

    3. 24-bit capture to disk would crash the system in msg32.exe

    4. Midi Control data was not properly getting restored from a perfomance.

    5. Audio was breaking up at low polyphony on the following
    audio hardware:
    Mixtreme SoundScape.
    EgoSys WamiRack/2496
    MidiMan Delta 1010
    NOTE: This may not be a complete list of audio hardware which was suffering
    from this issue.

    6. GigaStudio only recognized one of the system\'s CDROMs.

    7. Certain midi controllers were causing the sustain pedal to be lost on
    channels 2-16.

    8. Instrument with Bank 1 and the \'Drum\' switch on would show up as a
    extremely large bank number in the application, and you could not
    load the instrument onto multiple channels.

    9. Instruments with Banks other than 0 would not be properly saved/restored
    in a performance.

    10. \'GPC 3\' and \'GPC 4\' was improperly labeled on controller surface.

    11. Emagic\'s Logic sequencer would not properly working with the GigaStudio.

    12. A memory leak was occurring with v2.0 gig files. Eventually, the sampler
    would indicate that some non-zero memory usage was occurring eventhough
    there were no instruments loaded.

    13. SConverter displayed garbage for volume names when a second Akai disk
    was inserted (Symphony of Voices problem).

    14. SConverter may cause GStudio to crash when LiquidGrooves Disque A is converted.

    15. SConverter crashes when converting a volume with no programs(Skippy\'s Big Bad Beats).

    16. SConverter generates 0Hz Waves with Miroslav Vitous Acoustic Piano.

    17. Dither and Master Attenuation settings were not preserved between Windows sessions.

    18. The Conversion from 1.0 to 2.0 now has a progress meter. Also the display
    properly updates after the conversion. There was bug which left the version
    displayed on the screen incorrect.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    Thanks Joe. But I have one more question: When are you going to release an NFX4 module that actually installs? I appreciate the \"gift\" and all, and normally I don\'t look a gift horse in the mouth, but when the horse is DOA, I don\'t really appreciate having to drag it off and bury it somewhere


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    Re: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    I had exactly the same experience with my NFX \"gift\". Has anyone solved this? When I saved it to disk and executed it nothing happened. Nemesys suggested it was a problem with my email security. NOT!! So like my predecessor I gave up.

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    Re: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    Try again worked great here. It is very possible that there is a problem with your mail server.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    BTW What may I ask are email programs are you both using to download with. My be we can narrow down what is happening.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    Outlook under Windows SE.

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    Re: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    I can save it to disk just fine. It says it is an executable. When I try to execute nothing happens. If there is an FTP location that I can download from I could try that.

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    Re: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    I use Eudora, and had no trouble using it

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    Re: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jbibbo:

    6. GigaStudio only recognized one of the system\'s CDROMs.
    11. Emagic\'s Logic sequencer would not properly working with the GigaStudio.

    Hi Joe, Can\'t speak for everyone else, but the \"beta\" update fixes the two problems listed above... I love running Logic & Gig w/o Hubi\'s :-)

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    Re: v2.01 Beta Patch for GigaStudio160/96

    I downloaded the NFX 4 and saved it in my Gigstudio folder. I opened/installed it just fine. I used it yesterday without problems in one of my compositions.

    I use Outlook express 5.

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