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Topic: A new piece and using VSL

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    A new piece and using VSL

    Alright, well I finally have the VSL Performance Set and this is my first piece composing with it. I have some questions, if anyone would like to share, about using it.

    First off, here\'s the piece


    Obvious problems so far are:

    I think I made the cello solo a tad over-zealous in the opening.

    The flute flourishes during the loud section get drowned out easily. As also the horn line.

    Sometimes the legato samples end A LOT sooner than I\'d like. What are the best ways to get around this?

    Which Legato strings do you guys usually use? There\'s the portamentos, which are very dramatic and should be used sparingly obviously, but sometimes the \"sul\" ones are a lot more convincing than the regular ones.

    Anyway, pointers and comments like \"ur piece sucks\" are welcome [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: A new piece and using VSL

    Interesting, piece if you ask me about the music;
    not my style, but diferent. i have to say that is not really your better Score \"For me\".

    About Sampler mix etc: i have a general sensation like if all your String players have \"Parkinson\", [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] too much Vibrato, and not Dinamic moviment, but i´m sure is only a problem to know your library and use the correct patch,

    Good Job.

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    Re: A new piece and using VSL

    Hello Vaultcomplex

    I like your piece. It\'s distinctive and rewards repeated listening - always a very good sign. I\'m not a VSL guy so I can\'t speak of technicalities, however I might offer one small suggestion: for the finale, you might try to relax some of the phrasings, especially from 1:29 to 1:37 - those transitions are important, but they whizz by at the moment. I don\'t mean halving the speed of the thing, but rather lengthening a couple of chords to create an even more languid introduction to the violin.

    Good luck.

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    Re: A new piece and using VSL

    i liked the piece.. but am a bit picky about the cello.

    all those slides together aren\'t very \"cellistic\" especially the downwards shifting ones.. have only a couple and they\'ll be far more effective..

    the vibrato on that cellist sounds really fast.. this is first i\'ve heard of the solo cello.. I\'ve only got the first ED..

    but the solo violin is beautiful.. and is totally convincing..

    great piece

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    Re: A new piece and using VSL

    Hello Vaultcomplex,

    I\'ve been really busy lately, and I come back to this...I sincerely love your piece (although there\'s something about the mixing, levels or reverb, that is not ok). I really like the piece itself though, it\'s in such a \"frequency\", that managed to touch and move my strings in sympathetic resonance. Very beautiful insisting motive, with underlying harmonic progressions. Like Sharmy said, the independence of your line writing is refreshing. Please, share more.


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    Re: A new piece and using VSL

    Thanks guys for all the comments.

    Sharmy - Some really good pointers. It\'s funny that you say my mixing is pretty good (particularly panning) because I totally forgot to pan any of the instruments! I forgot to mention that I have SI Strings in there as well, and probably accounts for most of the proper string panning, however none of the VSL stuff (strings, Horns, flute) is panned. You probably can\'t hear the flute during the loud part, so I should change that to the \"f\" patch.

    I do notice that the legato instruments end very abrubtly since they don\'t have release samples (SI has spoiled me), but, for example, all my VSL violins are on the gigastudio with my SI violins, so the reverb will have to apply to both of them. That\'s something I\'ll have to play with. FYI, for reverb, I use an early reflections, and a room verb from the internal processors on my Yamaha 02R. When I do my next upgrade, I\'m going to bypass a mixer all together and do everything software, so I\'ll have to figure out a new solutions. Altiverb, and that Pulsar II Creamware card are some things I\'m considering.

    Crossfading sustains will have to be done with SI because I only have the Performance Set of VSL. The flute and horns though will be trickier as SI blends pretty nicely with VSL, but I don\'t have any flutes, for example, that sound remotely like VSL.

    I think the main problem with the VSL strings thus far is, as you have mentioned, getting expressive dynamics out of them. Not having the ability to use MW to crossfade between layers makes it a lot harder. The soft \"p\" violins are way too soft for any of these passages, but the loud ones shouldn\'t be loud all the time obviously. Do you have any specific ideas on what I should do to achieve good dynamic lines with one VSL patch?

    Also, the sul patch seems to be a lot different than the new \"regualar\" legato patch for the Violins. The sul one, while not as dramatic as the \"port\" patch, has a lot more ports to notes, particularly in the wide intervals, whereas the new regular one has virtually no ports at all.

    I do use the multiple track thing to get multiple lines with the same legato patch. I have to, otherwise I\'d never get that horn part in the middle section, or the 1st and 2nd violins in octaves at the end [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I definitely have to change the amount of ports the cello does at the beginning, there\'s nothing I can do about the vibrato though. I tried using the softer patch, but it\'s not nearly expressive enough, and the interval motions are virtually nonexistant.

    On a side note, contrary to what I usually do, I DIDN\'T play this in. So that may also be a factor. I entered the notes in by hand in Sibelius (I was in one of those moods) and then just imported it into my sequencer. I did a lot of adjusting of the note timings and velocities to make it sound more realistic though. The sad part is I spent probably as much time trying to make it sound good than I did writing it! That\'s the price of not playing it in I guess.

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    Re: A new piece and using VSL

    just a quick question..

    which library is the cello from then.. VSL or SI ?

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    Re: A new piece and using VSL

    Originally posted by fitch:
    just a quick question..

    which library is the cello from then.. VSL or SI ?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">VSL. SI does not have solo strings.

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    Re: A new piece and using VSL

    very nice! and as said above you have a distinctive and fresh, and I enjoyed listening to it.

    I\'m not a VSL user (but am an SI one), so I don\'t have any constructive comments to offer, but I just wanted to say I really liked your piece.

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    Re: A new piece and using VSL

    Nice Piece, i really like your composition. had hints(though im sure not intentional) of Elliott Carter or any such American composers (Barber,Diamond,etc.). Have to say though that some of the strings sounded like u were playing a synth,but Im sure that your still getting used to the Perf. set stuff and you`ll smooth it all up. Great piece though..best Rich

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