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Topic: GigaPiano

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    Hi all, I have GigaStudio 96 running on WinXP box. Using the GigaPiano, whether from my MIDI keyboard or the internal keyboard, doesn\'t sound anything close to the samples Tascam has for the GigaPiano. The sounds are tinny, kinda like the soundblaster internal MIDI sounds. They\'re ringy, echo\'ey and like it has some stereo phase issues. No matter when coming from the AudioPhile 2496 card, or catching direct-to-wave from within GigaStudio, it all sounds the same. Is there a fix or a patch, or is the real GigaPiano just this cheap sounding?

    Giga 2.50, WinXP w/ 512MB, 40GB Harddrive, 2.4Ghz P4.

    Kurzweil PC88MX

    MIDI Card:
    MStudio AudioPhile 24/96

    Thoughts... Suggestions... HHHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP!!!

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    Re: GigaPiano

    It\'s that cheap-sounding. Recommend you invest in a proper piano like Post\'s Bosendorfer.

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    Re: GigaPiano

    I think it sounds great, compared to eveything I used before.

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    Re: GigaPiano

    OK, heres a sample. Straight from GigaStudio v 2.5 using GigaPiano and the record to wave function. No effects, DSP level at default, and MIDI vol to 127.

    GigaPiano TEST

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    Re: GigaPiano

    I dunno....doesn\'t seem that horrible to me! I mean, it\'s gigapiano, but it\'s not as bad as you make it out to be!

    Am I missing something?

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    Re: GigaPiano

    GigaPiano is not great but...............have you tried lowering the midi volume in GS to below 90. I know that depending on the various velocity layers you can \"mellow\" a certain sample by lowering that volume. (At least that works for my Steinway B sample on my setup any ways)

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    Re: GigaPiano

    That\'s what I\'m trying to determine... does GigaPiano just sound like that out of the box, or is it my installation? Does everybody\'s GigaPiano sound like that? It\'s not aweful unless I compare it to my 8MB Kurzweil internal sound and as far as recording, they\'re both very comparable. I was hoping that the demo\'s and stuff are representative of the actual sound the average consumer like myself can achieve \"out of the box\". Sadly, now just 1 day after purchase, I\'m wanting/needing to purchase a few other piano samples, but I don\'t want to be mislead by the demo\'s. It\'s too expensive. I bought GS2.5 and GP because of the GigaPiano \"reverie.mp3\" sample on the nemesys/tascam website which I thought sounded great.

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    Re: GigaPiano

    The style of song you presdented is delicate and pretty. Gigapiano doesn\'t do that, it\'s a pop piano. You could eq it some, play with it, but that is not what it is for. Try the Bardstown Bosendorfer, or one of Michiel Post\'s pianos, maybe a Malmsjo.

    The good news is that Gia can offer all of these. The bad news is, you buy them separately, and if you don\'t like one, you are stuck, so listen carefully to the demos before purchase, and track this forum closely, there are many discusisons on this issue.


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    Re: GigaPiano

    Thanks for the reply dasher... I\'m just a little frustrated right now. If the GP can\'t do it, why is it that the demo tascam represents the GP with sound good? ARRRRGHH! I was so excited finding GStudio and even told my wife about it before I bought it. Then, while playing with it, my wife walked into my studio and asked \"When are you going to purchase that realistic thingy-ma-jiggy instead of that plastic piano sounding thing. I just lowered my head and said, honey, it is the realistic thing... it\'s just not what I had in mind. I have over 200 some odd piano instrumentals I\'ve made up and I need to record them decently before I start forgetting them [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GigaPiano

    It\'s so frustrating when the demos sound better than the product that arrives in the post. One thing I\'ve discovered on this forum is that people\'s tastes vary incredibly. Take the Malmsjo for example - it\'s an interesting idea but to my mind is totally unplayable. Others however, believe it to be the best thing since sliced bread.

    I\'m afraid to say that the only way you will ever know about a sample, is to buy it. My only recommendation would be that as a really rough rule of thumb, the older samples don\'t sound half as good as the newer ones. EW Steinway, EW Bosendorfer, GigaPiano etc - they\'re all getting a bit long in the tooth. Piano sampling has moved on with the impressive work of PMI, Bigga Giggas and Bardstown Audio.

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