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Topic: GigaPiano Update

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    GigaPiano Update

    Hi all, I just wanted to thank everyone regarding my GigaPiano post. This board is going to be a great resource. I\'ve taken the suggestions and tweaked my setup a little so here\'s a new sample.

    Believe in Me... Copyright 2003. Ron Tan.

    Sorry if the playing is a little rough, I just made this song up a few minutes ago. Enjoy!

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    Re: GigaPiano Update

    Ron, you sound just like me, about a year ago. I bought the whole setup, got it up & running, & Gigapiano broke my heart. Glaring inconsistancies from top to bottom, complete lack of dynamics (pp-ff), & ringy, tinny, thin sound. The demo they posted was declared a farce by me, as well as many others. I abandoned Giga & converted my super-pc to a gamestation for my kids.
    A year later I heard the PMI Bos demo & decided I\'d give Giga one more chance. Got it, & it was everything that I had hoped for in terms of playability (just didn\'t sound like the beloved Yamaha I coveted). I recently picked up Bigga Giggas Studio grand 88 which has a brighter, more sustained sound & wonderful playability as well. You\'ve got the system, now do it & your music justice & get some better samples. They will rid you of much of your frustration. Or sit tight & wait for the Post Yamaha sample to be released at which time I think many of us will be in Giga heaven. Giga is a great tool & brings samples to us we could only have dreamed of 5 years ago. Though this hasn\'t stopped me from recently going all out & purchasing a Yamaha C5 (my career finally justified it !), so much of my recent composing has been inspired by the wonderful samples of Michiel & Worra. Giga is now a major part of my live performance setup, consistantly stunning my listeners! Don\'t waste anymore time... Go get \'em!

    Your music is very heartfelt, pure, & sincere! Thanks for sharing it.

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    Re: GigaPiano Update

    Thanks for the kind words pianojoe. I\'m currently in the process of looking into various piano samples. Some demo\'s have the sound I\'m looking for, ie... the Bosendorf (sp?) 290 I think it was. So I\'ll do more research. I cut my first CD using the Kurzweil systems, but would like to create the 2nd one using Giga. We\'ll see. I make up so many compositions on a weekly basis that I need something that is nearly recordable quality immediately.... Otherwise, I have to try to duplicate what I just played, which always loses some \"feeling\" to me. I can\'t read/write notes so one-shot quality is important to me.

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    Re: GigaPiano Update

    Thanks for the fantastic response chadwick. It\'s the kind of explanation I needed. It\'ll make more sense now when I run across these terms. Best regards, Ron.

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    Re: GigaPiano Update

    If you guys are in search of a bright piano sound like Yamaha, why don\'t you try the Post Estonia? I will have to record a sample tonight and post it to my web site.

    I have that sample and I really like it a lot.

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