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Topic: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

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    Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    Have any of you ever met any composers that are well-known in their field?

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    Cool Re: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    Well... it depends on what is meaning "Famous"... LOL

    I've been in a concert with Arvo Part as special guest listening to some of his compositions performed by our ensemble, and I shake the hand of Ennio Morricone in another concert dedicated to his soundtracks.

    I worked in "Arena di Verona" for a production with Sylvano Bussotti, and few days later meeting in the artist entrance Sir. Elton John: he was kind enough to smile back and hit my shoulder before walking away to the backstage.

    But nothing was more exciting than being in religious silence few meter close to the bones of Johan Sebastian Bach in Liepzig... well probably he didn't notice we met.. but I did.

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    Re: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    Well, I spent a few hours with Rudolf Friml, a few years ago - - about 1954, when his fame was somewhat faded. Also around the same time, a song writer whose name eludes me, but he sure disliked Al Jolson, with whom he had worked. I was thinking Bud DeSylva, but by the time I thought I had met him, he was dead. Well, it was someone of that era, who had co-written with Jolson, but disliked him intensely. If somebody can jog my memory, do so.


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    Re: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    Cool question. Yes, I have met several known composers. In the contemporary field I met in a workshop of 10 students, Pierre Boulez, more known for conducting. I met Donald Erb (Contemporary composer from Cleveland who started the Cleveland Composer's Guild to which I belong.) In the Jazz world I taught John Fedchock who was a composer and arranger for Woody Herman (started John on trombone and after he went to Juliard, Woody picked him up for his band.) I have several records signed by Woody from John Fedchock - a great studio trombonist in New York. I also went to college at Kent State Univ. where I played in the jazz band created by Bill Dobbins, jazz arranger and composer and I went to classes with Joe Walsh, guitarist/singer/keyboardist with the Eagles.

    Joe Walsh won't remember me, he was always 'high'...
    Donald Erb has passed away.
    I still correspond with John Fedchock
    and I have run across Bill Dobbins at jazz clinics and festivals

    Of course, all the members of our guild are composers, but I put them and myself in a minor category.

    Best regards,
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    Well probably only people that we Brits would know. I met Peter Maxwell Davies a few times, and William Matthias. Also Mark Anthony Turnage.

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    Re: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    Hmmm, David Foster about four years back. We swapped stories for a bit, although his were far more entertaining than mine. He's probably one of the better known ones I've met. There are one or two others over the years.

    Frank Mills. Nice, but not a very forthright talker, more of a listener.
    Hagood Hardy, sadly no longer with us. Very relaxed, laid back.
    Jewel Kilcher (shy), Kenny Rogers (talkative), & Gordon Lightfoot (painfully withdrawn in those times), although come to think of it, they're all more songwriters than composers.

    When I was too young to really capitalize on it, my mother introduced me to Mel Torme while he was in town. She'd known him on and off since the 40's when he played in the orchestra she sang with for a brief time. We had lunch and they reminisced while I drank my milkshake (or some such). What I remember most was his amazing ability to write a full arangement on a napkin or placemat

    Now, if you were to ask me who I would simply love to spend the day with... that's a longsish list.
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    Re: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    Quote Originally Posted by BVstudios View Post
    Hmmm, David Foster about four years back.

    I am so jealous!


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    Re: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    I'm more interested in meeting famous lyricists.


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    Re: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    Does Pierre Boulez count? I had a master class in theory and composition with him back in the 60's.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
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    Re: Have You Met any "Famous" Composers?

    I had many a great hang with the late American composer Alec Wilder. Ironically, we talked about every subject imaginable EXCEPT music. Perhaps he appreciated that.

    The best times I can recall are three-way pun contests between Alec Wilder, Harvey Phillips, and me. Those were two masters, but I held my own in that august company. Both Harvey and Alec appreciated puns good and bad.

    How sad that I'm the only one of the three left. :-(

    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
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