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Topic: Kontakt & Giga memory req.

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    Kontakt & Giga memory req.

    I\'ve used Giga in the past and now I\'m using Kontakt.
    I\'ve translated Steinway B library to Kontakt (within Kontakt) but I can only play it in DTD mode -with lots of note skiping-.
    When I try to switch to sampler mode I get a \"low virtual memory\" message [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    Is 250MB to low for Kontakt ??? Should I switch back to Giga?


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    Re: Kontakt & Giga memory req.

    Yes is is too low. I would recommend at least 1 GB and a P4 processor or comparable AMD.

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    Re: Kontakt & Giga memory req.

    Cyclops ..Unfortunatly, The Kontakt import of Stienway B from Giga doesnt work that well.If u go to the NI/Kontakt forum theres a link from Oliver F. Hes made a Kontakt Patch for the steinway B that works (i think it has 8 layers).Its free on his Piano site.Try that and play with the buffer settings in KOntakt and get more ram and and faster Processer and u will rock. Rich Pell

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    Re: Kontakt & Giga memory req.

    Rich is right -- download that free patch from Olivier and the translation will work much better.

    However, that\'s not the fix for skipping notes. (Two different problems.) You don\'t say what kind of computer you\'re using or what version of Kontakt or what interface. Give us more details and we\'ll try to help you. Have you tried tweaking your DFD options?

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    Re: Kontakt & Giga memory req.

    My PC -> Athlon@1Ghz 256 DDR
    Using Kontakt 1.2

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    Re: Kontakt & Giga memory req.

    Originally posted by cyclops78:
    My PC -> Athlon@1Ghz 256 DDR
    Using Kontakt 1.2
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">U obviously need more ram my friend.1 gb of good DDR will do...Rich

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