I hope someone can help me resolve this problem. I have a perc loop library in Gigastudio that I converted from AKAI using the new gstudio sconverter. It used to work fine. Some of the instruments only had one octave in them, and thus I had IndianMenu1, IndianMenu2, etc., where each new menu contained a higher octave of the complese Indian loop set. After a while, I went ahead and combined of these instruments into one, by opening the first instrument, changing its internal name and saving it with the new name \"Indian Menu all,\" and then I merged all additional indian menus into it, cut and copied the regions, deleted the unneeded instruments that were inside of the new one now (so that I only had one instruments with one layer of all loops\' regions. Saved it, quit GStudio, deleted the original menus, left the new one there. Started gstudio, updated local sampler, but my old menus are still listed and the new one isn\'t. (I created more than one combined instrument with menus, by the way, with the same results, but I only use the indian as an example). If I drag the new gig file from an explorer folder window, it gets loaded and plays well. I updated all my instruments to 2.0 again, although it would seem that gstudio editor should save your instruments in new 2.0 format. Okay, converted all instruments to 2.0 again, updated, restrated, still same thing. Old (deleted!) instruments are still shown, and new are not. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks!