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Topic: GigaStudio Installation

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    GigaStudio Installation

    When I reboot after installing GigaStudio, I get an error message that Windows registry or System.ini can not find I:\\Gigastu~1\\vrtkrnld.vxd. I installed onto the I partition under GigaStudio and the vxd file is there. Giga studio installs successfully, but will not run. I do not find an entry for the vxd file in the registry, but do find a line in the System.ini under 386Enh DEVICE=I:\\Gigastu~1\\vrtkrnld.vxd. The file is there, but the system is not able to find it upon boot. What am I doing wrong; what can I do to install GigaStudio correctly?? Also, the online registration instructions tell me to find the registration number in a file called registration.txt. After installation, there is no such file on my computer or on the installation CDs. Where is this number?? Thanks for your help!!

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    Re: GigaStudio Installation

    If your I: partition can only be accessed as \"I\" under Windows (for instance, if you are using a CDROM device that has been assigned the drive letter \"H\"), I: won\'t be assigned until after all the VXD\'s are loaded, hence the GSt VXD won\'t be found. Either install GSt on another drive that is assigned and visible in DOS, or manually change the drive letter in the INI file to point to the pre-Windows-boot GSt drive (boot up in safe mode to find what the letter is).

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