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Topic: Support

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    It has been over 2 weeks of everyday calling and emailing and I have yet to get a response from tech support. This is completely ridiculous. I am wondering if I flew to Nemesys headquarters whether they would answer the door or not. Has anyone had any success?

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    Re: Support

    Yeah, me too. I sent them a tech support problem via their web site and haven\'t even gotten a reply back. It\'s been about three weeks now.


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    Re: Support

    Same experience.

    Nemesys has good technology and virtually no competition. They can afford to be sloppy in customer support.

    Sonic Foundry, Cakewalk are much more responsive and professional.

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    Re: Support

    But they do have competition. I own Reaktor, and they respond within 24 hours of ANY email I send. I was having problems with VST and N-Tracks, and they actually downloaded the program and tried it out.

    I have sent several questions to Nemesys, and NEVER get a response. The next few months there will be even greater competition for Nemesys. Emagic has one out now (albiet for Logic only), VirtualSampler, Muon\'s got a VST instrument coming out soon, Reaktor, Creamware\'s PowerSampler, and many others.

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    Re: Support

    Yeah they really need to hire someone to consistantly man the phones and email for tech support.It usually takes me about 2 weeks of calls before I get a call back.
    But on the plus side when I do reach someone [like dave or Joe] they are very nice . Also atleast you don\'t have to wait on hold for a hour before you reach someone like creative labs.
    I hope Nemesys views this thread and see\'s it as constructive criticyzm.

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    Re: Support

    I\'m a little nervous... I\'m planning on buying a new dedicated computer for Gigastudio, and I\'ve heard about issues getting a new registration code. I hope that isn\'t true...

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    Re: Support

    Rivethead: My experience is that GStudio copy protection seems more forgiving than GSampler was. My GSampler reverted to LE mode when I upgraded my hard drive (LE = not enough voices), and tech support never responded to my email request for a new register number. I then received & installed my GStudio upgrade, which is currently unregistered because the Install program would not read the register info from Disk2 (I believe this an Install bug - still waiting for support response). But GStudio continues to play OK after 1 month so far, even though the registration fails - so I\'m less worried that the instrument might be unusable if anything were to happen to Nemesys. I see this as an improvement...

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    Re: Support

    I find this all strange. I never had any problems registering both Gigasampler and Gigastudio. In the past my emails were answered very quick. I think that things must be overwelming at Nemesys with the new Gigastudio, but my last email was still answered within a few days. Also there is already an update with the latest fixes for Gigastudio. I run a pro-studio where we work on a daily basis and if GS would not be reliable I would not use it. Ofcourse there are some issues with it, but all my hardware samplers had some strange things with it, so what\'s new.

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    Re: Support

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Also there is already an update with the latest fixes for Gigastudio.[/B]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Ok, I\'ll bite... Where is this update to Gigastudio?

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    Re: Support

    From the upgrade patch posts:

    The readme:

    GigaStudio v2.01 - Maintence release. The following issues have be fixed

    1. The following graphics card caused the application to either GPF or become unstable:
    STB 4400
    Diamond viper 550
    Intel i740
    NOTE: There may be other cards with the same problems. These are the only ones we have identified.

    2. The Editor bugs have been fixed:
    a. Not all Sound font files were properly converted.
    b. A VC++ Runtime error would occur whenever the editor was up and the user tried to edit a new instrument from within GSt.
    c. The editor would always use Port 1 channel 1 for editing.
    d. Dragging a file on the opened editor would not work.
    e. Envelope drawing in the velocity split windows show incorrect Decay 1.

    3. 24-bit capture to disk would crash the system in msg32.exe

    4. Midi Control data was not properly getting restored from a perfomance.

    5. Audio was breaking up at low polyphony on the following audio hardware:
    Mixtreme SoundScape.
    EgoSys WamiRack/2496
    MidiMan Delta 1010
    NOTE: This may not be a complete list of audio hardware which was suffering from this issue.

    6. GigaStudio only recognized one of the system\'s CDROMs.

    7. Certain midi controllers were causing the sustain pedal to be lost on channels 2-16.

    8. Instrument with Bank 1 and the \'Drum\' switch on would show up as a extremely large bank number in the application, and you could not load the instrument onto multiple channels.

    9. Instruments with Banks other than 0 would not be properly saved/restored in a performance.

    10. \'GPC 3\' and \'GPC 4\' was improperly labelled on controller surface.

    11. Emagic\'s Logic sequencer would not properly working with the GigaStudio.

    12. A memory leak was occurring with v2.0 gig files. Eventually, the sampler would indicate that some non-zero memory usage was occurring eventhough there were no instruments loaded.

    13. SConverter displayed garbage for volume names when a second Akai disk was inserted (Symphony of Voices problem).

    14. SConverter may cause GStudio to crash when LiquidGrooves Disk A is converted.

    15. Dither and Master Attenuation settings were not preserved between Windows sessions.

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