Hi, I´m using kontakt and Cubase VST and for some reason the response of kontakt to velocity changes in the sequencer is really subtle if any.

I know one of the probs is that I´m not using several layers of samples, but still I was expecting more control, even if I ended with a really weak sounding forte sample (which obviously hurts realism). Is there any other way to change the velocity of individual notes so that I get more dynamic changes, or am I doing something wrong? right now I almost dont notice a volume difference between velocity values of let´s say 20 and 80. Too weird.

Also I would like to know aproximately how less attack and length variation you use for faking legato (I know,I know...I should buy a modern lib [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ). I noticed if I make it the attack quite slow and modify the length accordingly, then everything gets quite confusing, so I suppose there´s a point where it sounds acceptably good. What I´m asking for is an orientation from where I could experiment myself. (or way better...an example with images!...heh,heh...I know I´m dreaming, but I had to try)