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Topic: Record Giga Sampler using CW Pro Audio 9

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    Record Giga Sampler using CW Pro Audio 9

    I\'m new to Giga Sampler and Pro Audio 9.
    Is it even possible to record the output[audio]of G. Sampler using Pro Audio 9 on the same machine?
    [ Event Gina Card ]
    Any feed back is greatly appreciated, including links to help sites.
    You can als respond to me via e-mail:
    Thanks much,

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    Re: Record Giga Sampler using CW Pro Audio 9

    I believe the recommended method is to use Giga\'s audio capture facility - \'Capture to Wave\'.
    You have to make sure CW has its Midi start/stop send enabled.
    There may also be issues with what bit rate you use. I think the 24bit capture makes it crash, but 16\'s ok.
    Do a search through the forum for recent posts which include the word \'capture\' and I\'m sure you\'ll find more.

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