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Topic: Another quick sample

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    Another quick sample

    Hi guys, first I want to say that the music samples you guys are posting are fantastic. Great stuff. I\'ll have to try my hand at the whole orchestral/movie sounding stuff once I get a handle on giga. In the meantime, I\'m just learning about it and trying to make it sound good for my needs. With that being said, here\'s a rough song for your professional ears... just want to see if the quality of the \"sound\" in general is acceptable from my setup of giga. Again, it\'s rough as I recorded it at the same time I made it up, direct from giga. So no editing, eq\'ing or anything... just straight play. Of course, I\'ll polish it before putting it on my next CD [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    A New Day by Ron Tan

    Also, I noticed the polyphony hit 90 on my GigaStudio 96 while playing this song. Is this normal? Doesn\'t seem like there\'s any more room if I wanted to add some strings or something to it.

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    Re: Another quick sample

    Very nice song...enjoyed listening to it.

    Thanks for sharing.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Another quick sample

    Thanks Alex for listening. I\'m trying to figure out from the pro giga users here if a simple piano piece like that should hit the 90 mark in terms of polyphony. If that\'s normal, I need to upgrade to the 160 version since I want to back up some of my pieces with strings and light percussion.

    I\'m not a pro, and I don\'t have any training whatsover in piano or music composition like many of you have, so I\'m just looking for some advice. So if I could burden you pros out there for some help, that would be much appreciated. I\'ve gotten hundreds of hits for the samples I\'ve put up so I know many of you have listened to them, some over and over again... comments? help? advice? anyone? I promise to stop pestering and posting samples soon. I\'m just trying to quickly learn giga, and theres no better way to learn it than from the people who use it.

    Thanks. Ron.

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    Re: Another quick sample

    Hello Ron!
    I got some probmlems to upload your song so I cannot tell you my opinion on it. But if you want to add strings you don\'t need to upgrade your gigastudio. All you have to do is to transform your piano part in a wave file (you do this before putting them on an audio cd). Now with a program like cubase you can add another 90 voices: On the audio piste you \"inport\" the wav file (piano) and you play the strings on the midi canals. Then you bring both together in one audio file.
    [To transform midi-file into wav-file you have to record on your soundcard what your computer is playing - somentimes you need to wire the in-port to the out-port. With my card (maya 7.1) you can indicate that the \"recorded in and the out\" are the same, so you need no wire]
    best regards.

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