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Topic: Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

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    Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

    It is hard to get time to make new demos! I came across this midi-rendering of \'Spain\' by Chick Corea, and got the permission from the creator, Alisdair MacRae-Birch, to use it for a vibes demo. The demo is fading in the vibe solo only. No reverb is used:


    Alisdair is a British Guitarist, Educator and
    Arranger who has performed and taught worldwide.
    He currently composes and teaches in NY, USA.
    This midi sequence was arranged at the request of
    IBM for demonstration purposes. http://www.alisdair.com/

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

    Hi Hans,

    The vibes are nice. You would think this particular instrument would be easy to sample for realism, but for some reason it isn\'t (at least the samples I\'ve heard).

    Is the entire piece midi?


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    Re: Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

    apparently I dont know what vibes sound like so disregard my comments

    Or maybe now I\'m playing games.

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    Re: Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

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    Re: Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

    Nice vibes.. I like the sound of them.. but honestly.. the drums sounds like a beatbox from the late 80s.. please let someone make a better demo for your nice vibes. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

    Hi Joanne,

    Yes, everything is from one midi-file, run through GigaStudio, loaded with various instruments. The vibes patch used was \"Cool Vibes Right\", which places the instrument to the right on the soundstage.

    I fell in love with the vibraphone after hearing Milt Jackson in Modern Jazz Quartet. The record was \"No Sun in Venice\" (film music!!) with a lot of vibes. I am also a big fan of John Lewis\'s counterpoint chamber jazz.

    I didn\'t put a lot of work into making this rendering, just loaded up a few instruments in GigaStudio, and played the midi-sequence the way it was created by Alisdair. I substituted the guitar with piano. The drums are just the GM drum kit that came with the GigaStudio upgrade. The \"guiro\", or what ever it is, sounds a little bit funny when it comes in though...

    Also, the general velocity of the midisequence for the vibes may be a little bit high, which makes the instrument sound as if the player is hitting hard, and the tremolo sustain is less pronounced. Cool Vibes is a very responsive instrument, with \"singing\" sustain, and that may not come through that well in the demo.

    Anyway, thanks for listening, all of you, I\'ll try to do better next time!


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    Re: Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

    Never heard a sample like this, where you can actually hear the mallets hitting the bars.

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    Re: Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

    Nice Hans!

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    Re: Cool Vibes - New Vibraphone Demo

    Thanks Aaron!


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