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Topic: Some Night Music

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    Some Night Music

    I\'ve posted a string piece that is somewhat in the vein of Bartok\'s night music. It might work for a documentary on bats that is narrated by Bela Lugosi. (Were they both Hungarian?)

    I used Garritan strings mostly with some extra solo string lines for layering.

    (There\'s a smaller trio version of this piece that I am working on too.)

    Please tell me what you think.


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    Re: Some Night Music


    I think it is extrordinary! I am not familiar with Bartok\'s night music, so I can\'t judge how it compares. Having said that, I think your music stands on its own, it doesn\'t need a horror movie... And it is extremely realistic!


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    Re: Some Night Music

    Thanks for the comments, Hans and Sharmy.

    Sharmy, I wonder if the less realistic quality of the lower register, bass samples is due to the reverb setting I used. I am usually conservative with my application of reverb. While the concert hall setting I use here does justice to the higher strings, it may diminish the edge of the base pizzicato and base stopped samples (and perhaps the base staccato samples).

    I did not use any individual fx inserts. I mixed down all the tracks through one global reverb setting.


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