I've finally put together a walkthrough video for Realivox - the Ladies (a solo vocals instrument that runs on the Kontakt Player.) This video shows the features of Realivox, as well as what each singer sounds like. Check it out:

Then be sure to visit the Realitone website to check out audio demos and more importantly, to enter our drawing to win one of THREE free copies. Yes, it's your chance to be a big wiener! (If a winner has already purchased Realivox, we'll refund their money. So no need to be a tightwad and hold off on buying!) I think I'm going to have the drawing during NAMM next month.

The "Introductory Price" of $295 ( ahundred bucks off) will be coming to an end soon, probably also around the time of NAMM. But with the year coming to end, and with it, your last chance for 2012 tax deductions, why wait? Your accountant will thank you! 8)