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Topic: Pitch Wheel & Glissando - why don't it work ?

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    Pitch Wheel & Glissando - why don\'t it work ?

    Why doesn\'t the Pitch Wheel produce realistic glissando ?

    I know the effect is to change the pitch of a note, not trigger new notes (?) .. but over a reasonably short not range, why doesn\'t it sound realistic ?

    Couldn\'t a midi utility be programmed to Translate Pitch change messages into a mixture of pitch change and triggering ?

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    Re: Pitch Wheel & Glissando - why don\'t it work ?

    What can work sometimes is that you pitch up the first note up to half, and the take next one and do a pitch in from down to 0...
    Works on really short and small intervals,and if it is hiden in the mix but its very tedious to make it work..


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    Re: Pitch Wheel & Glissando - why don\'t it work ?

    It depends on the instrument you\'re imitating and how far you\'re bending the pitch.

    When a real instrument does a pitch bend/gliss the resonant frequencies of the body of the instrument stay the same. When you do a picth nemd on a sampler, ALL frequencies are moved. For some instruments this comes across as a large instrument getting smaller, or vice versa.

    The ideal solution to this is a pitch bend function which allows you to manipulate formant frequencies and basic pitch info separately. I\'m sure we\'ll see this soon. In the mean time, libraries like VSL are working hard at providing samples of performed glisses at as many speeds and intervals as possible, so that you can select the right one for your needs without \'faking\' it.

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