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Atsić - West African Dancing Drums

From the spiritual beat of Africa comes a sample library unlike any other. Atsić includes African percussion instruments traditional to the Ewe Tribe of Ghana. The Ewe people are located on the seacoast of Southeast Ghana,Togo, and Benin. The word Atsić means \"show off\" or \"display\", taken from a war dance, popularly known as Togo Atsić. Originally the Ewes performed Togo Atsić before war, but in modern times it is done in social public performance. In addition to the percussion instruments of the Ewe, instruments from other parts of Ghana, West Africa, and even Brazil have been included in this collection.

This unique, incredible collection was recorded at the legendary Blue Jay Studios through an SSL console. Stereo samples, natural ambience, heavily multi sampled with up to 4 velocity samples for each different type of hit. Also includes looped grooves of individual instruments, in both 4/4 and 6/8 time. Over 400 meg of samples! Instruments include:

Bells, Shakers and Snaps: Afoxe, Axatse, Caxixi, Finger Snaps, Frogs Eggs, Gankogui Bells, Ganza, Iron Castanets, Kenken Bell, Maracas, Shekere, Toke Bell

Floor Drums: Apentema, Atsimevu, Boba, Djembe, Kaganu, Kpegisu, Kidi, Kloboto, Kpanlogo, Nigerian Log Drum, Sogo, Totodzi

Frame Drums: Gome, Tamelen

Bass Drums: Dunumba, Gungon, Kenkeni, Macana Surdu, Sangban

Talking Drums: Dundun, Lunga, Tama

Other Drums: Piccolo Snare

Atsić is available in Gigasampler , Kontakt , and Soundfont formats. Price is $229.95

Check out the Demos:

Atsia Demo 2