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Topic: GSt Instrument Editor, Samples, Corruption and Crashes

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    GSt Instrument Editor, Samples, Corruption and Crashes

    Ok...now that I have pulled all of my hair out...!!!!

    Over the weekend, my buddy and I were attempting to finalize some drum sounds for a kit we built within GStudio using the Bob Clearmountain II CD.

    Everything was ok until we tried to replace some of the samples with ones from the Acoustic Essentials CD. Bottom Line...GSt crashed and we lost our entire Drum Kit GIG file!! GSt couldn\'t open it up...more than likely due to some kind of corruption...we even received a message that our .GIG file was not a Nemesys GIG file!!! Here\'s what we did:

    We openned up our functioning Drum Kit .gig file within Instrument Editor. Second, we openned up a Snare .gig file from the Acoustic Essentials CD and \"Exported\" the .wav files. Third, we attempted to map the snare .wav files into the Velocity map. Ok so far.

    We then played the Drum Kit with the new samples, and everything appeared to be ok. When we tried to save the new Drum Kit .gig file, we received a couple of error messages and I can\'t remember what they were now.

    What did we learn? After building any kind of instrument, before attempting to replace any samples, we will make backup copies of the .gig file, in case GSt decides to corrupt it.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what happened or what we may have done wrong?? If we try this again and receive the error messages, I will post those as a follow-up.

    Today, I am jazzed about the potential of the GStudio product, but I am sorely appauled at its lack of stability. I never had these kinds of project halting issues when I was running my Roland JV-1010 for midi sounds.

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    Re: GSt Instrument Editor, Samples, Corruption and Crashes

    This sort of bug is also very common to me!

    I had hoped, that with GSt the instabilities of the instrument Editor in GS 1.6 were gone. But they aren´t!

    I backup every 15 minutes or so in the editor because I have lost much work in the past. It´s always the same story:

    You do some sample editing and press the GS-Button to hear the result. In some 5% of the cases you get a message like \"Cannot connect to Gigasampler - live updates are not available\" (?????). This is very threatening - because in many of theses cases your file has been saved corrupted.

    When you restart GS and load the file you get a \"...corrupted\" error message. An most often the samples have disappeared.

    The only advice I can give is BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP every bigger step
    ....and let this threat grow and grow if you encountered the same problem!!!


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    Re: GSt Instrument Editor, Samples, Corruption and Crashes

    I found that GSEdit crashes when you move samples from one directory to another in the sample pool.
    The only solutiuon was to create a new directory before importing and then import the relevant samples to that new directory.

    PS This corruption thing also happened to me and I had to start again aswell.

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