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Topic: Update patch for GigaStudio??

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    Update patch for GigaStudio??

    Two weeks ago, someone mentioned that Nemesys would be releasing an update patch for GigaStudio. Does anyone know the status of this update???


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    Re: Update patch for GigaStudio??

    I found this link on the SC forum:

    Available since July 6th!

    I guess I’d like to know why NemeSys (ore anyone else) has not posted that information here. I couldn’t even navigate to that web page on the NemeSys site.

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    Re: Update patch for GigaStudio??

    Urggh - that\'s pretty weird, putting an update on the web site but keeping it hidden. Has anybody tried it to see what it fixes? It seems you have to install it before you can see the readme.txt, and I\'m reluctant to install it unless it\'s likely to fix a problem I\'m having.

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    Re: Update patch for GigaStudio??

    Im the guy that Nemesys told over the phone a couple weeks ago and I listed it on this form. And I have since then been going to the Nemesys site looking for it without sucess . Thanks Bill for the info, It does seem wierd that it\'s not on the Nemesys site. thanks, Ken

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    Re: Update patch for GigaStudio??

    GigaStudio v2.01 - Maintence release. The following issues have be fixed

    1. The following graphics card caused the application to either GPF or
    become unstable:
    STB 4400
    Diamond viper 550
    Intel i740
    NOTE: There may be other cards with the same problems. These are the only
    ones we have identified.

    2. The Editor bugs have been fixed:
    a. Not all Sound font files were properly converted.
    b. A VC++ Runtime error would occur whenever the editor was up
    and the user tried to edit a new instrument from within GSt.
    c. The editor would always use Port 1 channel 1 for editing.
    d. Dragging a file on the opened editor would not work.
    e. Envelop drawing in the velocity split windows show incorrect Decay 1.

    3. 24-bit capture to disk would crash the system in msg32.exe

    4. Midi Control data was not properly getting restored from a perfomance.

    5. Audio was breaking up at low polyphony on the following
    audio hardware:
    Mixtreme SoundScape.
    EgoSys WamiRack/2496
    MidiMan Delta 1010
    NOTE: This may not be a complete list of audio hardware which was suffering
    from this issue.

    6. GigaStudio only recognized one of the system\'s CDROMs.

    7. Certain midi controllers were causing the sustain pedal to be lost on
    channels 2-16.

    8. Instrument with Bank 1 and the \'Drum\' switch on would show up as a
    extremely large bank number in the application, and you could not
    load the instrument onto multiple channels.

    9. Instruments with Banks other than 0 would not be properly saved/restored
    in a performance.

    10. \'GPC 3\' and \'GPC 4\' was improperly labeled on controller surface.

    11. Emagic\'s Logic sequencer would not properly working with the GigaStudio.

    12. A memory leak was occurring with v2.0 gig files. Eventually, the sampler
    would indicate that some non-zero memory usage was occurring eventhough
    there were no instruments loaded.

    13. SConverter displayed garbage for volume names when a second Akai disk
    was inserted (Symphony of Voices problem).

    14. SConverter may cause GStudio to crash when LiquidGrooves Disque A is converted.

    15. Dither and Master Attenuation settings were not preserved between Windows sessions.

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    Re: Update patch for GigaStudio??

    I tried to download the upgrade but I keep getting a error with the last 4 digits of the user key.

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    Re: Update patch for GigaStudio??

    >GigaStudio v2.01 - Maintence release. The following issues have be fixed

    Very impressive. You guys have managed to cover all of the little quirks I\'ve come across plus a few other ones people mentioned on the forum. The sampling system, if it was running half-descent on your computer, should be rock solid stable after this update.. Hopefully anyway


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    Re: Update patch for GigaStudio??

    I just downloaded the upgrade without difficulty. The user ID has a mix of numbers and letters so be careful of zeros and O\'s. Also, Z or 2.

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    Re: Update patch for GigaStudio??

    Thanks very much for posting the readme!! I\'ll install the patch as soon as I can.

    (Still don\'t understand why Nemesys is keeping it semi-under-wraps...)

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    Re: Update patch for GigaStudio??


    please see my post on the v2.01 Beta update. The thing that got lost on this thread was that this patch is still in beta and not really done. The guy that posted it on SC, should not have. Well I guess now that some people have it ... well we might as well open the flood gates. Please read my post, the location has changed. And there will be an official release shortly.

    Again, NemeSys was not trying to hold anything back, we had wished to make the announcement only after the patch was official released.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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