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Topic: SOFTsynths

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    hello hello,
    I\'m quite impressed what gigsampler actually can do compared to hardware
    my next step would be using softsynths aswell,
    anyone outthere who has good experiences using softsynths in a midi environment
    (i\'m a logic audio 4.2 user)
    how does this work, and what is a good softsynth to start with?
    and how are they compared to harddware synths?



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    Re: SOFTsynths


    I can suggest you this innexpensive one : Simsynth 2.0 ( 35$ ). www.fruityloops.com

    I like to mess around with it. It is for now not polyphonic ( and you can only have one instance of it open at a time .

    But the best way top work with it is to make some riff and export it as a wav file...

    For the price, it\'s a good one. using internal midi looping Midiyoke, I am able to use it througt my sequencer ( Logic Audio Platinum ).

    You can download a demo so have fun.

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