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Topic: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

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    Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

    Just a passing thought: What library would you least like to see released?

    My first thought:

    Barbershop Quartet. CD package includes 100 articulations for each voice, glissanos, trills, and four horse hair mustaches.

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    Re: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

    Gigakazoo! Over 20 gigs of Kazoo articulations. A never before heard collection of exotic and vintage Kazoos. Featuring 32 velocity layers. Impeccably recorded at 192khz 24bit.

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    Re: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

    Spoons Percussion library. Metal spoons, wooden spoons etc.

    On the other hand I would pay for a decent fart library for those moments of writer\'s block.

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    Re: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

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    Re: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

    Library of Congress
    \"Get It Online ... Word, Pictures and Sound\" [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

    Noisy puipils in the class room loops... sampled in suround... my personal nighmare...

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    Re: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

    Collection of barking dogs. 3 DVD\'s of every dog breed barking, with every possible whine, snip, howl, and sigh you can imagine, not to mention the soon to be world famous menu of scary dog growls. Each breed has multiple patches setup chromatically. You can build singing dog commercials like you never dreamed. To top it off DVD 3 is chocked full of phrase samples from 100 favorite songs as barked by the Subterrainian Dogs Choir. Songs include such favorites as \"Love somebody, Don\'t know who\", \"How Much is that Doggie in The Window\", and \"The Oscar Meyer Weiner Song\". Also a selection of Broadway favorites such as \"I love You a Bushel and a Peck\" from guys and Dolls, \"Somewhere over the Rainbow\", and \"Oklahoma!\" have been included. A few pop standards as well such as \"Yesterday\", \"You ain\'t Nothin\' but a Hound Dog\", and \"Highway to Hell\". DVD 3 also includes some rare SFX of actual dog fights from the downtown streets of major World cities. This collection is sure to put the singing dog world out of business. No more coaxing a your pooch, just play SFX.

    Sound on Sound calls it \"Brilliant!\" Electronic musician says \"finally, a definitieve collection of dog barks, every sound designer, professional and hobbiest alike, must buy this collection!\"

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    Re: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

    That was sooo funny!! The scary thing is, I would actually buy something with dogs barking.

    There is a story that Harold Arlen based \'Over the Rainbow\' on a tune he whistled to summon his dog. When asked, he dryly denied the rumor. What is moist denial then? Does such a thing exist?

    My idea of a horrible library would be: bad grunge band samples. Perfect for the garage along the moosehead.

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    Re: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

    A solo voice library featuring \"Eminem\".

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    Re: Poll: Nightmare library? (Barbershop quartet?)

    A Sample library of Elevator Music.

    Close (door), Far (back wall) and Ambient (lobby) Mic positions.

    Samples of Kenny G and \"The Girl from Ipenema\" in different tempo\'s/keys. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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