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Topic: Couple of questions

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    Couple of questions

    Firstly, I\'m having problems registering GigaStudio. When I\'m asked to put in the 2nd disk, it doesn\'t seem to want to function. Is there any way I can register without having to do this?

    Secondly, I\'ve got a MIDI problem. I can only get MIDI in Logic to work if I have the first two ports linked to the part. Otherwise, it won\'t function. Is there any way to make this work without this hassle.

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    Re: Couple of questions

    I had the same problem when registering mine. While frustrated, I repeatedly hit the retry or whatever button tells GigaStudio to continue, and it finally worked. I beleive there have been other people with a similar problem registering with the 2nd CD. Other than clicking your mouse button quickly so it can retry (not sure if that will really work for you), that\'s all I can suggest.


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