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Topic: Electro Drum Kits?

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    Electro Drum Kits?

    Anybody familiar with the group Mono, or Enigma? The song Mono by Mono, and Gravity of Love by Enigma use this drum kit which would be perfect for a song I\'m working on. I\'m wondering if anybody could direct me to a drum kit library which has this type of kit.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Electro Drum Kits?


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    Re: Electro Drum Kits?

    Gravity of love, thats the one with \"o fortuna\" sample right?

    If so that kit is not very electronic..sounds like a pitched down acoustic loop with layered elec. kick.

    You can get that sound buy pitching down nice resonant acoustic kit, then verb then compresor..
    And layer a nice 909 type kick as well, cut all but lows on it...


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