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Topic: problems with timpani rolls

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    problems with timpani rolls

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I didn\'t really know where to post this. I am atempting to play a bar of timpani roll manually, but it keeps knocking out some of the other voices. I have 13 other voices playing, but that doesn\'t seem like a lot to me to be having problems. My system isn\'t anywhere near being taxed CPU wise, so it must be something in Gigasampler. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a work around, like splitting the roll between a couple of tracks? My polyphony is maxed out at 96, Transition voices at 8, buffer at 4megs. Thanks.

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    Re: problems with timpani rolls

    What timpani are you using?

    If you press one single timpani note, how many voices are used?


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    Re: problems with timpani rolls

    If the tymps have fairly long releases, you could use up the polyphony VERY quickly.
    Each stereo voice continues to be held throughout its its release stage, forcing Giga to grab another set of voices for each new note in the roll.
    Stereo x 16ths roll = 32voices in 1 bar

    There are two ways around this:

    1. Use the self mask function on the Mix/Layer page of the editor. This is exactly the scenario the mask function was designed for. Masking determines whther or not a notes release should continue depending on volume. For example, if you play a soft crash cymbal and then play a loud one, you won\'t hear the release portion of the soft crash because the loud one\'s release masks it.

    2. Use the keygroup function. This was initially designed to help people get open hihats to be cutoff by closed hihats (ala drum machines), but I think you could marshall the function to aid limiting polyphony useage.

    Voices assigned to the same keygroup cut eachother off, ie only one key in a keygroup can sound at a time. Therefore if you were to assign all your stereo tympany keys to the same keygroup, you would never use more than 2 voices - but this would sound crap.

    Try putting the tymp sample you\'re playing on two adjacent keys, and then assigning each key to a different keygroup. This way you will always be hearing two tymps \'overlapping\' eachother, and not be using more polyphony than using the two keys at the same time. If you think it sounds too cut off, try assigning the tymp to more keys&keygroups.

    It\'s very easy to assign a key to a keygroup.
    1. Pull the sound up in the editor,
    2. Right click on the key which has your tymp
    3. Choose Properties
    4. Enter any number in keygroup properties other than 0 (0 is keygroup defeat).
    5. Save your change.

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    Re: problems with timpani rolls

    not sure if this will help - but since i used to play the instrument, try this : generally, rolls on the tympani are not that fast. you want to find the best rate that creates a smoothe roll FOR THAT NOTE, lower pitches are slower higher are faster. if you are playing too fast it will sound choppy.( belived this takes practice)!
    in other words don\'t just throw a bunch of 64 or 32 notes at it and expect it to sound good. also if you are ending on another note the last note from the roll is ussually muffled..

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    Re: problems with timpani rolls

    I\'m using the A.O. Timpani.

    You were exactly right. The release is eating up my polyphony. I\'ll try your suggestions. Thanks for all your help guys. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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