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Topic: importing audio

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    importing audio

    I\'m new to computers and gigasamler LE so I have some dumb questions.Can I import regular audio samples that I record thru my OEM soundcard and my MTV Music Generator software editor.I\'m trying to get my feet wet without spending a fortune to start out.

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    Re: importing audio

    Does your sequencer or the MTV software have an import .wav function?

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    Re: importing audio

    Yes,the MTV software imports wave files.

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    Re: importing audio

    All I want to to do is record my own audio samples and get them into Gigasampler LE.The MTV software I mentioned is not what I thought it was.All I have is LE with the S-converter upgrade.I guess I need someone to tell me what if any other software I need and walk me thru the process of getting my own audio sample into the Gig LE.Any help would be appreciated.The manual is no help and I\'m very frustrated.

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