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Topic: Small String Package.. which one?

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    Small String Package.. which one?

    Im looking into making a small investment into a not so big string library.

    Right now Im at a loss between Garritan Strings Lite, and the Kirk Hunter Solo strings.

    Is there any libraries out there Im overlooking?

    What are your opinions on the two mentioned above?

    I know KH is solo strings and Garritan is symphonic. But if you could only afford one, which one would you buy?



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    Re: Small String Package.. which one?

    Hi Dajo, what kind of music do you compose?

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    Re: Small String Package.. which one?

    Thanks for the tips everyone.

    If I were to classify the style Im going for. I would call it a sort of psuedo orchestral. I dont really stick to the rigid rules of orchestration, but I enjoy mixing orchestral instruments with acoustic guitar ideas I come up with.

    Im going to stop trying to explain.. here\'s a couple of examples.

    Eg. 1

    Eg. 2

    Anyhow, I think Im leaning towards Garritan Lite, mostly because of the upgradable factor and it appears that it would be the most versitile for my current situation.

    Thanks again for the help everybody.


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    Re: Small String Package.. which one?

    Between KH and Garritan, the question is \"solo or ensemble?\". KH is a very wonderful solo library, which can be used for string quartets, gypsy music, irish jigs, folk music, solo rock violin, etc. Garritan sampled string sections and is best for an orchestral or cinematic sound. As written above, they can be layered to give the orchestral sound with extra definition from the solo instrument.

    I own the KHSS lib, and recommend it highly - but not if you want the sound of a full string section. In that case, get Garritan (first).

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    Re: Small String Package.. which one?

    nice tunes. Interesting. If they were in my sequencer and I wanted to add strings to those particular comps I would reach for KH. They would sing quite nicely against those arrangements. But your decision is sound. GOS will make you happy.


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    Re: Small String Package.. which one?

    Well, if I had to choose, and if I had $450, I would definately get Sonic Implants Strings Mini. I absolutely LOVE the sound, especially those nice and deep sounding celli marcatos. Mmmmmmm. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Small String Package.. which one?

    You\'re missing some. First, I\'d decide whether it should be solo instruments or ensembles (sections). For solo there are the Dan Dean Solo Strings, the Kirk Hunter Solo Strings and X-sample, realsmples (didn\'t see an opinion on this yet). For ensemble types there are the GOS Lite, the Sonic Implants Mini, the Ultimate Strings, HALion Strings Edition (afaik equal to the Claudius Bruese String collection), Roland Strings Volume, MyStrings, Advanced Orchestra (also coming as \"Extended\" soon, meant as reprogrammed version of the previous availible), perhaps Symphonic Fields or Downtown Strings (more pop-orientated licks) types and some others I wouldn\'t buy or I didn\'t think of.

    Some links you might want to check out:

    A search in this forum section for \"gos lite\" maybe gives you some more feedback on some.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Small String Package.. which one?

    Hey Dajo,
    Like Falcon said, it depends what you are planning on doing with them. Overall, GOS lite would be the more versitile of the two for creating orchestral themes. KH on the other hand sounds fantastic and layers great with GOS, but on it\'s own, it is a very specific sound. I haven\'t tried but I suppose you could layer the bejesus out of them and achieve a smaller chamber type orchestra.
    Do take a look at the others polarbear mentioned. One that I think he forgot is the new string sections hosted at \"Primesounds\" (sorry can\'t remember the name right now) which can be downloaded or purchased on cd. Lots of sampler choices if you are not a giga man.

    good luck


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    Re: Small String Package.. which one?

    And check out VR Sound\'s strings as well. I have that and the full GOS, and they\'re quite complimentary.


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    Re: Small String Package.. which one?

    Im must agree with SISS mini (or full) it is smaller ensemble but sounds great in full orchestra pieces. I don´t ĺike garritan because it sounds synthy to me and needs more \"preparations\" than SISS. SISS are more out of the box and sounds sweet.

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