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Topic: GIGA NewBee Questions

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    GIGA NewBee Questions

    I am Giga newbee and
    mainly use hardware samplers in my productions,
    but since I heard so much positive news about this gigasoftwsamplers
    I am considering to buy it.
    4 questions came to my mind.

    1: does it work well with sequencer software (using Logic
    Audio Logic Platinum) and how does it work
    in combination with sequencers?

    2: what are the main differences between the 3 Gigas. packs?
    I read the specifications but a user opinion is always better
    any advise?

    3: Does Giga use a lot of CPU power, what restrictions
    pop up when you\'re a Giga user?
    and what about Giga in combination with your sequencer, soundcard
    I currently own a SB64 Gold, will trade it for one with more
    ouputs not sure which one yet

    4: what about filters, lfo\'s, envelopes
    in other words, the editing features of Giga

    These are a lot of questions, I know but
    any comment is appreciated



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    Re: GIGA NewBee Questions

    Hi cat and welcome to the forum,
    There have been several discussions lately on this forum about using Gigastudio with Logic, and some of the problems involved. There is a problem getting the midi outputs configured, but once you do that, it works fine. I use Cakewalk, so I can\'t speak from personal experience with Logic. Try a search in this forum for more info.
    I\'m using an SBLive value, which isn\'t a recommended card, but it works great. I also have an AWE64 that worked fine with Gigasampler, but I haven\'t tried it with Gigastudio.
    Differences between the packages - basically, the full Gigasampler and Gigastudio allow for more voices, and have a capture to wav function. They also include an editor for developing your own instruments or modifying existing ones. And they come with Gigapiano and some other gigs. There are some other differences, but you may want to check out the Nemesys website for those. I believe you can upgrade to the full versions from the lite versions, but I\'m not certain about that.
    Processor power - I was using a Pentium 166 with Gigasampler 1.6 and it maxed out pretty easily. I just upgraded to a PIII 733 and Gigastudio 160, and the CPU usage rarely goes above 20%, even when playing the Steinway B and adding DSP FX in real time. It depends what you will use it for. You will need a very fast hard drive. The sounds are streamed off the hard drive, and I\'m using a Maxtor 7200RPM ATA66 that gives good results, although Nemesys recommends a SCSI drive. You\'ll want a drive that is seperate from your applications drive. You\'ll also need at least 128MB RAM, more if you plan to load a full orchestra or many other instruments at a time.
    The editor does have envelops and filters, and an LFO, but this software is best as an emulator of acoustic instruments, as opposed to something like Reaktor, where you can design or modify sounds.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: GIGA NewBee Questions

    Thx a lot,
    you just made my dealer happy :-)


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