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Topic: G-player

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    Anyone here about a new version of Gplayer coming soon? Being my copies of Giga don't work past installation dates, due to the lack of support for registration, I'm excited about Gplayer.

    I've been using the demo for about 3 months grinding it and it's FAR more stable than Giga and sounds just as good. The CPU usage is low which is quite a surprise even with every channel loaded and playing!!! Nice job on programming.

    I was talking to Bernard at Soundlib and asking why doesn't he promote Gplayer harder. It's a lower cost alternative to Kontact and sounds perfect.

    I'm wondering, if Soundlib could create a better presentation (website) for Gplayer, would other companies re-release their libraries. I know they're out of print, but they can sell them via D/L or begin to reburn discs to ship. Why wouldn't they want to make money except Gplayer may contend with their very own products such as EWSOL or Garritan Personal Orchestra. Still seems like it could give them a small income with little work, after all the libraires are already completed, they just need to resurrect them for sale.


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    Re: G-player

    Just received the new version today, looks good.
    The value of this player is understated. It works flawlessly, it misses the convolution wonder of Gigastudio, but it has excellent sound with rock-solid, no problems working. Soundlib support is great, seldom needed it.
    It is a great feeling to have it on hand. For example, GPO has a choir, which should have never been included in the library, but I use one instance of Gplayer to use the choir I have and other sounds not available in GPO.
    One of my systems still use Gigastudio3 Orchestra, and I used to dread the time when my drive will crash and Gigastudio is no more, all my sounds in Giga format would be useless. With GPlayer, I don't worry any more, I can still use my favored (and expensive) Gig-library. (No, I am not associated with Soundlib in any way..)


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