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Topic: GugaStudio 3 -16 to 24 bits question

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    Re: GugaStudio 3 -16 to 24 bits question

    If the sample names are identical, you should be able to do a batch replace of folders & samples and not have to re-program everything. It will be important, to be on the safe side to make sure that you have not changed the sample names and even match the folder names to the names of the folders in the Giga Editor. There are settings in the preferences that refer to updating the instrument when replacing or editing samples that are important as well. Much of this is in the current 2.5 but it is enhanced in 3.0 to help people update their libraries like you wish to do.


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    Re: GugaStudio 3 -16 to 24 bits question

    Now we finally know what will be the new name for Gigastudio 3.0. Thanks for charing it with us.

    Alex Cremers

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    GugaStudio 3 -16 to 24 bits question

    I\'m curious if anyone out there in Giga-land is privy to any of the following info....

    Right now Giga supports only 16 bit, I understand 24 bit will be available in version 3.
    My personal experience with replacing samples at the 16 bit level is all the programming parameters are lost and need to be reset (filters etc..)

    Will this situation be improved in Giga 3?
    Perhaps I should be more clear with the following example...

    Let\'s say I\'ve got a 16 bit sample set already set up in Giga version 2. If I also have those same samples stored away in 24 bit format. Will the replacement of the 16 bit files with the 24 bit files be a simple matter of exchanging samples OR a ton of reprogramming as a result of the exchange of samples?

    It seems like Giga 3\'s release has been \"imminent\" for quite some time now and I\'m just looking to make a wise investment in terms work time well spent.

    Thanks for any info! Dennis

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    Re: GugaStudio 3 -16 to 24 bits question

    Thanks very much for the info, it is helpful!

    Finally have ordered your \"GigaStudio Mastery\" tutorial and am looking foward to it! I\'m assuming it will still be very relevant to Version 3 GigaStudio, am I correct?

    Thanks - Dennis

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