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Topic: Diva 1.1 Update

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    Diva 1.1 Update

    Hi all

    Anyone that\'s seen my previous postings on Diva will know that I rate this library.. and within hours of having it was starting to use it on some major TV projects over here in sunny England...

    But... and this is a big BUT!!.... the 1.1 update
    has just made me feel as if I\'ve died, gone to soprano heaven and have two beautiful semi naked women pandering to my every need (vocally speaking)!!

    Ok... maybe that\'s taking it a BIT far... but seriously the simple addition of Key Switching to the main programs just makes what was always possible a million times easier... creatively you\'re in another world.

    At this moment in time if you want to add an operatic/ethereal/haunting quality to your tracks you won\'t spend a better $149.

    Anyone that has the library and hasn\'t got 1.1 yet.. quick.. you won\'t want to go back once you\'ve got KS ing!!!


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    Re: Diva 1.1 Update

    Guess I really should download the update now [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Diva 1.1 Update

    Ty, I wholeheartedly agree!!


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