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Topic: DIVA first impressions

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    DIVA first impressions

    Hey all - I don\'t usually post \"reviews\"...or really...much of anything!
    But I wanted to let everyone know that I just got my copy of DIVA in the mail (i haven\'t installed the updates, because I\'m lazy) and I\'m really digging it so far.

    I haven\'t had a chance to really dive into it, but I like how \"textural\" it seems to be...I think that it is going to fit into my style of music very nicely. It has a nice blend.

    Couple of questions for Francis:
    How far away are the singers from the mic in the far mic\'ed samples? What space did you record in?
    I\'m sure these questions have probably been answered before, so forgive me.

    I\'ll try to get a demo up and running soon, so people can hear what I dinker around with.

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    Re: DIVA first impressions

    Hi Zack and thank you for the small review.

    The far mics are set 6 feet back. Some may say that is not far enough away but this is not a blasting horn section... it\'s two women singing no louder than mezzo forte in most cases.

    The space is Saint Anthony\'s Church in Wilmington DE. Built 1847
    There is an impulse file provided.

    Tip of the day ... if you track Diva to audio ... add a stereo spread plug in ... make your spread more and more narrow ... you will hear the Mide-Side take effect even more ... what this means is.... more of the church.

    I did not make Diva too ambient out of the box ... I want the user to have the control.
    The far mics are an M-S mix.

    This tip was apart of update 2.
    Sorry Rick [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


    Patten pending LOL

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    Re: DIVA first impressions


    I told you it\'s good [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Now do the most scary music in gaming history... Well, at least for a silly 1st person shooter [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: DIVA first impressions

    Cool tip!
    I\'ll check it out and see what my results are...I am going for UltimateSpookinessFactor(tm).

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    Re: DIVA first impressions

    Yes Sir ... that will do it. Push them way back ... play the moving vowels softly with a slow attack and you got it.

    Thanks ZQ

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    Re: DIVA first impressions


    One last thing. Diva By Design ...
    is ready made for what you are doing.

    I look forward to hearing the results.

    Tip 2

    Tracks some moving vowels and reverse them.

    Blend them behind the main tracks.


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