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Topic: NEW Compostion - Comments welcome!

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    NEW Compostion - Comments welcome!

    Hi Im started working on new Symphonic fantasy - and I like to hear your opinions on that piece of it- thank you Honza


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    Re: NEW Compostion - Comments welcome!

    Handz, I find the piece little confusing - it appears to me as it\'s missing it theme, or something which ties it together. It\'s also quite static in its harmonic progression in general.

    The orchestration is good in general. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    However, you\'re just starting on the project so I imagine that you will change and improve the piece over the next days/weeks etc. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: NEW Compostion - Comments welcome!

    It´s sound good for me but not my style (composition), talking about the mix, appears me very low volume, and a don´t like how does the Oboe sound.

    Good Work.

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    Re: NEW Compostion - Comments welcome!

    Hi handz,
    I like what you have so far. It definately has the Fantasy feel . Generaly a fantasy keeps developing and doesn\'t restate a theme like a traditional sonata form would . ( Not allways though,of course )
    The recording sounds very crisp and clean .
    I think that this property lends to the ear being able to detect that the sounds are sampled . I know we are all getting sick to our souls about reverb and stuff but I think this could use a little verb or some sort of room richening . Who knows I may just be used to hearing every thing with so much verb to hide flaws and defects that I don\'t know when a good dry mix comes up and hits me in the kisser . LOL.
    Any way that is just my personal prefference . Don\'t take my wrord for it , If you like the way it sounds and how it brings out different voicings then ignore me . If you agree, I only suggest giving it a tiny little tail on the mix just to keep the instruments resonating like a small conert hall.
    Now back to the content,
    It really seems to be devolepoing nicely . I am interested in hearing wich way you go . Oh ,so many posibiltys ! I have to give you comendation on the fact that this piece would sound very good performed by a real orchestra . I like your orchestration. Hopefully you will post more soon on this piece.
    I was interested in finding out more about you and hearing more of your music at your web site but I don\'t know how to get in .
    Is your site under construction right now ?

    Talk at ya later.

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    Olomouc; Czech Republic

    Re: NEW Compostion - Comments welcome!

    Thanks to all for answers!

    88fingers: Hi, I´m happy that you like my composition.On the beginning I must tell you that this piece should be/is inspired by post romantism fantasies/symphonic poems of russian composers (especially rachmaninov- the rock,princ rostislav...) I have not any musical knogwledge so my composing is sometimes harder than it could be... dont mind the mix - it just work version:-) the ending is also only for that \"prewiew\" version it will be deleted. I want to smooth into darker mood whit fast String and slow Brasses. but now Im in the dead end :-( My work on it continues...
    My page is under construction - and will be ....because I have no time...but maybe ...who knows? ;-) my other work that is in finished stadium is there : htp://www.handz.cz/battle.mp3
    I listened to your pieces and I Like them alot!! finally someone who write in classical way . The string quintet is great!! If you have any other questions or anything - just ask ;-)
    mybe.. my ICQ : 173551506
    or mail handz@handz.cz
    see ya later
    (sorry about my english)

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    Re: NEW Compostion - Comments welcome!

    HI Hanz,
    Thank you for the compliment . You are the first person, that visited my site, to say they like my pieces . Most people just listen and keep their thoughts to them selves. I took it as, my stuff is such junk they where trying not to be rude. OH well just me being paranoid . LOL. If you like clasical styling, be sure to check out Falcon1 \'s recent posts, if you haven\'t allready. He has a great musical since in his works .

    I now understand that this piece was just a sketch. It sounded to me like an almost complete intro . Hopefully the creative juices keep flowing and you are able to complete this work .

    Your english is understandable to me . I live here in America and I have miss spellings all the time and my gramar is horrible . [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    So don\'t worry about it . At least we all speak the universal language of music !
    Talk to you soon,

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