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Topic: Symphony nr. 2 - part 2

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    Symphony nr. 2 - part 2

    ... all has been written and rendered. After some corrections - due to somebody's comments - I can give you the outcome. Since 2 weeks now, I am suffering some hearing-loss in my right ear. A constant humming (like white noise). I think the cause is a rather severe cold I had. Now gone, but the tube of Eustachius is still blocked (more or less). It goes away, I am sure. Some inflammation of the "holes" in my head. No, not where my brains are supposed to be, that is still filled and healthy. Am I sure of that?

    Symphony nr. 2 part 2
    to follow immediate (attacca subito) Symphony nr.2 part 1

    I have to take some rest. That ear you know.......

    See you soon,


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    Post Re: Symphony nr. 2 - part 2

    Hi Raymond,

    ... All has been written and rendered. I truly hope not. I had the immense privilege to pre-listen the second part of the symphony and I was absolutely wild about it. The Birth of a Nation in such a brilliant sound palette with so many clearly depicted emotions. This symphony is going to be a masterpiece. I keep saying it, Raymond, the score (and of course) the parts must end up on the music stands of the Royal Concertgebouworkest. Even these super professional musicians will be thrilled with so much beauty and deep meaning.
    I specially like the trombones evoking the ram's horns. Very realistic. And the fluent interaction of tonal and atonal scales in a very natural way. And (that goes without saying) the sublime orchestral and instrumental sound. You're the best at it!

    Thanks for so much absolute beauty,


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    Re: Symphony nr. 2 - part 2

    Great work.

    The mastering is very clean, I feel as though I am listening to a live orchestra.

    Thanks for sharing.
    (The Nut )


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    Thumbs up Re: Symphony nr. 2 - part 2

    Great writing man. some parts were almost Prokofiev-like(his chout' ballet is one of my favorite works). this is definitely concert hall material.

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    Re: Symphony nr. 2 - part 2

    Thank you guys. I am working hard on part 3 & 4. But I have to do it at moderate speed, my right ear isn't cured yet and "overloading" this precious human instrument with too many shrill trumpet sounds is a bit dangerous. I am almost 70 years old and some hearing defect is just around the corner. And I am NOT Beethoven!!

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    Re: Symphony nr. 2 - part 2

    Wow! More mood swings here like the first movement. I feel a pretty serious or large statement being made with all this.

    I'll be tuning in for the next movement.



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