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Topic: Anyone have success with MOTU Microexpress?

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    Anyone have success with MOTU Microexpress?

    I was unable to get reliable use with my MOTU Microexpress and Gigasampler (but it worked much of the time), but now I can\'t get gigastudio to work at all. Does not see any midi input. I also have a SB Live (with dig out), if i use the built in keyboard, i hear the outputs, but i don\'t see anything from hitting my keyboard. I have set it up properly, i even see the lights on the motu express flash when i start gigastudio, but still nada!!

    Anyone have suggestions? I have tried reinstalling, i even uninstalled and went back to gigasampler and i still don\'t see any input in that??? I then tried a different HD with both programs and got nothing. It sounds like it\'s the microexpress, but it works in every other program i\'ve ever tried.

    Please help.

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    Re: Anyone have success with MOTU Microexpress?

    I don\'t think MOTU does support Giga driver, maybe DirectX but not GSIF driver. The best way is contact to Tech Support.

    BTW, I\'m interest with the \"MOTU 2408 mkII\", Please let me know if it is a GSIF. Anyone? compatible.
    Good lucks

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    Re: Anyone have success with MOTU Microexpress?

    Micro Express is a midi interface not audio. It doens\'t seem to work. I got a Frontier Wavecenter PCI and the midi on that works fine...it shows the microexpress midi inputs and outputs..but when i connect everything up i get nothing. That\'s why i got the Wavecenter card (and i can use it on a seperate PC when the Pentium 4 comes out and i buy a new one).

    As far as streaming audio...MOTU definately does not support GSIF...and the direct x is emualted so it doesn\'t work either. Stay clear of this card if you want these features (or any PC support). I wish i could sell it and get an RME 96/52, which now supports GSIF i am pretty sure...and NT/2000 and 24 dig in/out..etc...

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