I just got the Cubase upgrade working, and was hoping that it would solve the task switching problem. It still takes a LONG time the first time you task switch from Cubase back to GigaStudio. In fact, it seems to even take longer than Cubase VST/24, but I haven\'t actually timed it yet.

Aside for any Cubase users. The upgrade has gone totally smoothly. I still have 3.7r2 installed. The 5.0 dongle works with both versions, but you first have to run a utility from the Library directory on the CD-ROM.

One caution. 3.7 will not load 5.0 files. So, I am loading each file from 3.7 and saving it with the same name plus \"32\" added to the end of the name. That gives me two versions, and allows me to \"go back\" to 3.7, if I need to.